Outside of DC, Does Anyone Care About a Government Shutdown?

Posted: Oct 01, 2013 12:01 AM

Truth be told, the Markets don’t really seem to care too much about the looming possibility of a government shutdown. After all, checks will continue to be cut, dollars will continue to be printed, and one-way-or-another we will see an increase in National Debt. . . So, really, what’s changing?

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Show Prep:

Jim Jatras, former US Diplomat and GOP analyst, talked to John about the Government shutdown (will Interstates be closed?) and a little known law that makes the NSA look like amateurs.

What’s right with Ransom:

Number Three:

Here’s an interesting look at one of the very few downsides of higher property values. . . Government.

Scarlet Fu has the day’s single best chart

Number Two:

Well. . . It turns out the government is headed for a shutdown – and that’s all anyone can talk about. But of course there’s a catch: All anyone can discuss is how the GOP is to blame.

Number Three:

But here’s the more important point: What does a shutdown actually mean for the market? According to some experts on CNBC, nothing.governmen

Other News:

Wow. The Hillary Clinton TV Event has been canceled because, as it turns out, witnesses to Hillary’s “greatness” are as difficult to find as the truth behind Benghazi.

Be ready for the cries of tax “fairness” to begin. . . And in this case it will be the left, screaming for higher taxes on greedy corporations.

Cute, Obamacare. . . Real cute.