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Hey Media, Disinfection Services are Helping Stop the Coronavirus

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AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

The government is telling us to wash our hands and use disinfectants on surfaces around us to kill the coronavirus. While that may help somewhat, most people cannot possibly hit every area. That is where disinfection companies are coming in to save the day. They are desperately needed because the coronavirus can survive for hours or days depending on the type of surface. These companies are one of the necessary steps toward the end of the lockdowns in order to prepare businesses for re-opening. 


But will the biased media spread the message of how important this service is and how it’s a big help in turning the tide? Or are they too interested in running shock headlines and doomsday scenarios? Disinfection companies are already quietly spraying hospitals, light rail, airplanes, trucks, buses, residences, assisted living, daycares, schools, gyms, police and fire departments and emergency services. The media will run scare articles about how filthy subways and airplanes are, but neglect to mention that they’re regularly being sprayed down. The coronavirus would have spread far more without these companies regularly treating dense or highly trafficked areas. With the exception of local newspapers, the media has ignored this important service.   

I talked to Eric Vomfell, the CEO of Full Spectrum Disinfection, and his vice president and CFO, Chris Holderead, to find out more. Interestingly, they saw a rapid increase of infection in the healthcare industry and so decided to start the company in 2018. They use a patented technology from TOMI Environmental Solutions. This tech uses hydrogen peroxide liquid, turning it into a dense dry fog or mist through a cold fusion plasma arch. 

The Department of Defense and DARPA developed it after the anthrax attacks and used it to combat SARs and other viruses. Known as SteraMist, it kills 99.9999 percent of pathogens and bacteria. It’s non-corrosive to medical equipment and other electronics, unlike chlorine. It is not necessary to wipe off afterward and unlike products used by most other disinfectant companies, the area is safe for occupying just 45 minutes after spraying. They are already spraying Phoenix light rail every weekend due to the coronavirus.


The CDC recommends that people use Clorox wipes to sanitize. But there is a problem: human error. A lot of people don't read what the bottle says, which is to saturate and leave on. They actually could be spreading it more. They miss areas. Some mix it with other compounds, unknowingly creating a potential bomb. Bleach is not a good solution either because it can be dangerous to people’s health. In addition, it damages materials and stains fabrics.

Full Spectrum also distributes ultraviolet lighting. It mimics the sun, penetrating the cells of pathogens and damaging the DNA or RNA that contain their genetic code. The CDC recommends it. 

One owner of a cleaning company sprayed his own hotel room before he would stay in it; that’s how serious he views the pandemic. A chef and a bar manager in Denver, whose jobs were obviously suffering, opened up a temporary disinfectant company. Many companies that did not offer disinfectant before the pandemic have switched to providing this service. Paradigm Convergence Technologies Corporation, a company in Little River, South Carolina, has shifted from installing hospital equipment to focus on producing and providing a sanitary solution called Hydrolyte, a hypochlorous acid-based product. Two women who were laid off from a nearby restaurant were hired to package the disinfectant. 

Full Spectrum Disinfection recommends that businesses disinfect now because there will be no openings left for companies to service them in a timely fashion the longer they wait. The area will remain clean if no one is in the area until the business is permitted to open. The company is operated out of Arizona but can service the whole country with the TOMI Service Network and other partnerships.


Unfortunately, if a new person comes into an area that has been treated, they can infect it. Full Spectrum Disinfection believes that disinfection will be forever changed due to the pandemic. Many businesses that thought they were fine with just one treatment will need to start regularly disinfecting. Let’s just hope the media finally covers this, because it is a key part of the solution and if businesses aren’t aware of it, it could seriously hurt the recovery from this terrible time. 

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