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Although racism has been gradually decreasing in the U.S., the left is attempting to portray it as rapidly expanding in order to keep minorities voting for Democrats. It’s Barack Obama’s legacy. But it’s looking sillier and sillier, and the American electorate saw through it and elected Donald Trump as president.


Unfortunately, the radicals have had some incremental success; luring young people to join Black Lives Matter, incorporating propaganda into our educational system, and destroying the lives of anyone caught in their crosshairs. The left is now labeling an alarming number of things related to blacks and other minorities racist, casting a wide net in a “gotcha” tactic in order to take down conservatives. Criticize a black person for a reason unrelated to race? Racist. Say anything negative about Obama? Racist. Criticize the left’s interpretation and mandate of diversity? Racist. Shoot a black suspect for a reason unrelated to race? Racist — even if the cop himself was black.

It is becoming the norm to be called a racist any time a conservative tweets something remotely related to minorities, especially blacks. Google any prominent conservative’s name along with the word racist and there is probably some smear story about them. I can’t count how many times I’ve been called racist by the left in recent years because I’m a conservative columnist. In contrast, growing up I was never called a racist. Funny coincidence how I only became a racist when the left started falsely labeling conservatives as racist.

What is even more disturbing is the left is going beyond distorting events — making up incidents of racism from scratch as I’ve covered previously. The surge of fake news is part of that. It is easy to forge a racist email or tweet and pretend it came from some conservative politico. With the rise of social media and expansion of news on the internet, lies can be quickly spread.


A study just came out which found that half the population “remembers” events that never happened. Remember Sarah Palin saying she could see Russia from her home in Alaska? She never said that, but because Tina Fey said it impersonating her on SNL in a clip that went viral, people remember it better than what Palin actually said. In actuality, Palin responded with a true fact to a question in 2008 from ABC News’ Charles Gibson about the closeness of Russia and Alaska, "They're our next-door neighbors, and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska."

The influx of refugees from the Middle East has expanded opportunities for the left to make up fake racism. They can start blasting away anytime at mere objections to the refugees settling here. It’s a two for one against the right, since the left can also attack Christians for religious bigotry against Muslims. For that reason, Obama and the left are deliberately bringing in thousands of refugees, and the accompanying violence and ISIS infiltration are ignored, even though that is the real basis for objecting.

This con has made it extremely difficult for conservatives to criticize blacks on the left, shut down race-baiting indoctrination in education, and for cops merely to do their jobs. The left follows the classic tactics of Saul Alinsky: lie, distort, hype up and agitate. It is hate speech, dishonest, and arguably racist, because it’s almost always directed at a white person. It’s also a variation of fake news.


It’s overdue for conservatives to start rallying around those falsely accused and defend them; these schemes are increasing in number and growing in size, fake troll social media accounts and fake news being the latest schemes. Everyone is terrified of being labeled a racist themselves if they dare to defend one of the targets, which is why this method of attack is so effective. Conservatives must develop a backbone because this is just going to get worse otherwise. But en masse, it is much more difficult to single someone out and take them down.

Victims need to fight back with libel lawsuits. It would be great if a legal defense group was formed to assist with these lawsuits, a fake news legal fund. Research the false accusers and expose them — people this dishonest usually have unscrupulous backgrounds. As the old saying goes, people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Conservatives tend to be more ethical than progressives, so would never create a rulebook like Alinsky’s that calls for lying and other outrageous tactics, but there are perfectly legitimate ways to fight back.

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