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Editor's note: this column was coauthored by Loyd Pettegrew. 

We don’t know how many of you have noticed but if you take your tearful eyes off your electronic media and look skyward, the vultures are circling. Not just a few but gigantic flocks of these left-leaning birds of a feather, waiting to pick clean the bones of our Republic’s Constitution and the pockets of conservative Americans. 

That is not rain you feel falling on your head but metaphorical saliva or even possibly regurgitated constitutional freedoms dripping from their bills. They are circling, drifting on waves of hot air, baren policy, and alleged manifest destiny gained through historic governance failure being forced skyward, with myriad hyperbole and lies, or as Theodore Dalrymple in City Journal has termed it, “cant” from the mainstream media. 

This manifest ideological flatulence is undoubtedly contributing to climate change, perhaps more so that gasoline-powered motor vehicles. They wait for the carrion, those remains of nearly two hundred-fifty years of freedom that has been cast aside to rot on the garage dump of human history.

It seems now that all bets are on Georgia to either make the 2020 election a progressive slam dunk, or provide at least one conservative senator to form a firewall against the heavy-handed, pinkish zealots trying to push an agenda that is historically un-American. They ask us to believe this is the progressive comeuppance to four years of the big, bad Orangeman with the lowest unemployment and poverty rates, highest stock market, peace between the Arabs and the Jews, getting the hell out of endless foreign wars and rush-hour illegal immigration across our borders. 

No matter because the Harris-Biden presidency will boast that Super Sizing the election by layering on more and more national debt while diluting our treasury and forgiving all student loans, paying for blue states’ bankruptcy and curbing our personal freedoms granted in the U.S. Constitution. While they are disassembling our great nation, why not add a couple new states to our Union, pack the Supreme Court, tax gun owners or simply seize their guns, and fund a New Green Deal that will position China way ahead of us? No problem, just say “Super-Size it” and the media will wag their obedient tails! 

The good news is that there is a man out there who can save the nation and his name is Joe.

No, it’s not our so-called President Elect "GI--Sleepy" Joe Biden. The GI refers to a condition we experience every time we think of him in the White House. The Joe we are referring to is Senator Joe Manchin, senior senator from the red state of West Virginia; he is the man who could assuredly save America. He is arguably the Nation’s most conservative Democratic senator.

We are not crazy or at least not certifiably so, but think of the following juicy and enabling scenario:

Conservatives bombard Senator Manchin with letters, leads, reminding his constituents about the upcoming war on coal and other fossil fuels, the failed and recurring COVID lockdowns and their attendant recrudescence during the holidays. Then, conservatives pressure him to switch parties to save the Republic. Offer him half of southern Ohio, they’re really hill folk anyway, just ask J.D. Vance. Think about it, he would literally become a national hero overnight -- the man who would save the country from socialism by flipping parties (besides the Dems already hate him!). The focus would be removed from Georgia and likely the vote in The Peach State would come off as venally slick as skin on a nectarine. 

The time to save our Nation is right now, not in four long years. None of us could buy enough Pepto Bismol to get us through four nauseating, putrid, years of GI Joe, and likely the same for the Kamala Harris communist agenda of a Harris-Biden presidency. After all, Harris has already had her way with California, as Peachy Keenan laments in “California, There It Goes.”

“Look up in the sky it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s our answer to the Left’s takeover of our nation...Super Joe Manchin! God bless you Joe and the State of West Virginia for voting for the America we love and against these leftist cretins.

Pierce Roberts is a practicing veterinarian and author of Death by DNA, The Trojan Plague and the Atlantis Gene. Loyd Pettegrew is a Professor Emeritus at the University of South Florida.

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