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If you’re a Democrat living in New York City, Washington, D.C., or if you’re an entitled celebrity or an elitist liberal in a gated suburb who never has to actually face the border issue head-on, it’s easy to be sympathetic to the two million illegal immigrants who have poured across our border this past year.  


Never mind the fact that fentanyl has also poured into our cities and consequently become the number one killer of people 18-45.  Never mind the fact that child sex trafficking is increasing as a result of Biden’s lax border policies.   Never mind the deaths that result due to the empty promises from this inept administration.   You don’t have to think about any of that.  It’s all warm and fuzzy sanctuary happiness to you.

But if you’re living in a border state – or more specifically, a border town – you know the horror and sheer peril that goes hand in hand with illegal immigration.  You understand that Governor Abbott’s strategy to bus migrants to places like New York City is specifically so that the liberal elites can receive a small taste of what they claim to support.  After all, New York City is a sanctuary, so Mayor Adams and his staff and all their supporters should welcome every single migrant with open arms and pageant waves.  Instead, his Comptroller called Abbott “inhumane” and “disgusting” while simultaneously supporting the criminality, sex trafficking, atrocious conditions, and death that migrants face at our southern border.


Perhaps they would understand what actually happens on the border if they’d visit and see for themselves?  We won’t hold our breath for any pearl-clutching Democrats to do that, since their gated neighborhoods are so comfortable and safe.  And weirdly enough, free of illegal migrants.

According to New York Councilwoman Shahana Hanif, "We have a moral obligation to make sure that everyone is housed, everyone receives the medical attention they need, every young person has access to a good quality education, and so much more.”

But do we?  Really?   Because as conservative taxpayers, we believe that these people – two million this year (the population of Houston, if you need reference)  – have invaded our country, and they’ve broken the law.   So, why aren’t we discussing that?  If we broke the law – and say, decided to not pay our taxes - would everyone be obligated to do all the same things for us?  

We’ll wait over here while you ponder that, Shahana.

On August 22, one of those migrants being bussed to New York City called 911, complaining about wanting to disembark in Tennessee.  He stated to the operator, “We are immigrants that are being sent to different places in the US and now the driver is telling us we can’t get off until we get to New York. We are being forced to go to New York. I don’t understand why if I was told I would be getting off in Chattanooga.”


Just to clarify, an illegal immigrant, traveling on a taxpayer-funded bus to get to a destination where there would presumably be taxpayer-funded food, shelter, and other handouts, called our taxpayer-funded federal emergency entity (that should be for Actual Emergencies, mind you) to complain that he didn’t like the state to which he was traveling on the taxpayer dime.   We’re still wondering where a migrant got a cell phone, but that’s neither here nor there.

Imagine someone breaking into your home and then calling 911 to complain that you don’t have a Gucci purse that they were hoping for.   It’s the same exact idea.  Yet, no one is addressing the elephant in the room – the criminal component of this.    

Earlier this month, Adams called Abbott's actions "horrific."  And now he’s calling him “anti-American.   We find that extremely hypocritical, given that Adams supposedly leads a sanctuary city.  Moreover, as an American leader (and former law enforcement officer), he should believe in upholding the law, so we find it “horrific” that he doesn’t.   Abbott isn’t anti-immigration.   Like most of us conservatives, he’s anti-ILLEGAL immigration.  We’re simply sick and tired of people breaking the law and not being held accountable, while we follow the rules and pay all the bills.


Here's a novel idea.  Remember who you work for, do your jobs, and enforce our laws.  


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