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Once established, no government office ever seems to shut down. Even if the government office somehow accomplishes its goals, someone just comes up with new reasons to keep the office doors open. But I think it’s time to set an example and start shutting down some government offices here in the great State of North Carolina. I’m talking about the various LGBT victimhood centers that have popped up on our government university campuses in recent years. Naturally, I have good reasons for shutting them down. I’ve listed them below in no particular order of importance.


1. The LGBT community has achieved equality legally, if not morally, speaking. All along, my gay friends (both of them) have been insisting that as soon as they get so-called marriage equality they will be fulfilled. Gay activists have said pretty much the same thing – insisting they will not push for polygamy or try to shut down churches that oppose these pretend marriages. OK, mission accomplished. We can shut down those offices, right?

Now that they have legal equality, I’d like to see these activists try to achieve moral equality by being a little more kind in the wake of their recent legal victory. Sending me messages saying I need a good raping and threatening to kill my children because I oppose fake marriage is a little harsh, don’t you think? Or maybe rape really is love in the brave new world of sexual diversity. It must be because they keep telling me “love wins.”

2. Government really needs to stop bringing sex into the workplace. A few months ago, my university forced our LGBTQIA Office director to resign – and predictably lied about it later. (So you know it had to be something serious. Lesbians rarely get called on the carpet, for obvious reasons). When a petition later emerged supporting the director some interesting comments emerged. Numerous students/petitioners indicated that they would miss the director because she helped convince them to “come out” when they were struggling with their sexuality.


Does this strike anyone as being just a little queer? Do we really need a government agent sitting in an office and drawing a salary by telling students they should fulfill themselves by having sex with people of the same sex? How did it get to be the job of the government to tell people whom they should sleep with? Generally speaking, shouldn’t we be trying to keep sex out of the workplace and not trying to interject it into the work environment?

3. Government sponsorship of ideas produces bullying. Ever since these offices opened gays have been getting more visible and also more obnoxious. Last year, a student group I work with invited PRIDE to one of their events. The PRIDE group threatened them with prosecution under the campus speech code just for inviting them to a discussion. That’s what happens when the government tells you that you’re special simply because you like to have sex in special ways. Eventually, you start to think you really are more special than all the other little snowflakes. In the end, it sort of goes to your head, I suppose.

4. Government support of ideas produces weak citizens. Right now there are gay activists at my school who are reading this column and getting spitting mad. Sometimes they actually contact the university and say my columns have sexually harassed them. You know, because I held a gun to their head and made them read. They don’t realize it but this makes them look like pansies. In other words, they are only reinforcing negative stereotypes about their group. But that’s what happens when the government backs a certain so-called victim group. Atrophy sets in and they get even weaker than they were before.


5. Those flags are just offensive. The best part about getting rid of the LGBT offices is that we can get rid of those rainbow flags that remind so many people of oppression and intolerance. Who among us hasn’t heard of someone who lost a photography business, or a bakery, or a flower shop because they refused to celebrate homosexuality against their will? Of course, private citizens have every right to own and display the rainbow flag. But governments have a moral obligation to refrain from sponsoring symbols that offend basic principles of fairness and decency.

Whatever goals the LGBT community decides to pursue in the future will surely be centered on restricting religious liberty. The government needs to make sure it does not contribute a single dime to this deeply immoral mission. Otherwise, the government will risk establishing homosexuality as our official state religion.

The LGBT movement started off by asking government to get out of their bedrooms. Now it’s time to get government out of their politics.

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