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Unholy Toledo

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Mike, below is the statement that Larry Burns Lawrence.Burns2@utoledo.edu referred to earlier. Please let me know if you need anything else.

Thanks, Matt Matt.Lockwood@utoledo.edu

“The University of Toledo is a value-driven institution. UT’s values are clearly stated in our strategic plan and elsewhere. One of our primary values is inclusiveness. This means UT’s doors are open to every student, employee, patient and the community.

“The University welcomes respectful dissent and input from others on all issues with the understanding that free speech and debate make our institution stronger. However, people holding certain jobs within a public institution have special responsibilities concerning the utterances they are allowed to convey.

“The requirements of the job previously held by Crystal Dixon required her to lead a critical function regarding personnel actions for the University. Given UT’s values, Ms. Dixon’s stated views drew into question her ability to be inclusive and caused the University to conclude that she is unable to continue to function in her role as associate vice president for human resources.”

Matt, thank you. I have two questions regarding the following statement: "Ms. Dixon’s stated views drew into question her ability to be inclusive and caused the University to conclude that she is unable to continue to function in her role as associate vice president for human resources."
1. Are you saying that you excluded Mrs. Dixon because she was not inclusive?
2. Did Mrs. Dixon ever fire someone because she was intolerant of their views?
Mike Adams adams_mike@hotmail.com

Mike, we are not going to comment beyond the statement…Matt

Matt, I think it would be in the university's best interests to comment further. You           asked me to "let (you) know if (I) need anything else." I need some help understanding your statement because it seems somewhat contradictory. I am asking you legitimate questions. I hope you will consider my (narrowed) request that you answer just one question. It follows:
1. Does the University of Toledo have a zero tolerance policy regarding intolerance?

This is an important and legitimate question that you should answer. The choice to ignore it is more than just disrespectful towards me. It is also disrespectful towards The University of Toledo. I cannot imagine how a university unable to answer such a direct question could continue to call itself an institution of higher learning.
Please understand this to be a respectful and serious inquiry.

Mike Adams 

Matt, I am disappointed by your non-response. Let's try to do this one paragraph at a time. This should be easy to do, given that there are only about a half-dozen paragraphs contained in Ms. Dixon's guest column. Paragraph one is reprinted in its entirety here below:

 "I read with great interest Michael Miller's April 6 column, "Gay Rights and Wrongs." I respectfully submit a different perspective for Miller and Toledo Free Press readers to consider. First, human beings, regardless of their choices in life, are of ultimate value to God and should be viewed the same by others. At the same time, one's personal choices lead to outcomes either positive or negative."

My questions about this paragraph follow:

 1. Did you draw the same conclusion I did; namely that this was an effort by your former employee to expand the marketplace of ideas - in other words, to promote diversity?

2. Do you disagree with Mrs. Dixon's implication that homosexuals "are of ultimate value to God." Just in case you were wondering, I agree with Dixon.

3. Finally, was there anything in this paragraph that caused UT to fire Mrs. Dixon?

Mike Adams

Matt, I am going to depart from my previous suggestion that we analyze Crystal Dixon’s controversial column “one paragraph at a time” because I am beginning to think that her firing was a direct result of what she said in paragraph two, which was, by far, her longest paragraph. So, here are the first four sentences of that paragraph:

“As a Black woman who happens to be an alumnus of the University of Toledo's Graduate School, an employee and business owner, I take great umbrage at the notion that those choosing the homosexual lifestyle are "civil rights victims." Here's why. I cannot wake up tomorrow and not be a Black woman. I am genetically and biologically a Black woman and very pleased to be so as my Creator intended.”

1. Have you ever known a black person to wake up and decide not to remain black?

2. Have you ever know a gay person to wake up and decide not to remain gay?

3. If your answer to #1 is “no” and your answer to #2 is “yes” then how can blacks and gays be lumped together for purposes of identity politics, which is otherwise known as “diversity?”

Finally, I would like to leave you with a serious question to ponder over the weekend: Imagine you were an employer and a black homosexual came walking into your office seeking employment. You would, no doubt, notice he was black before you noticed he was gay. Does this not lend some veracity to Mrs. Dixon’s argument?


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