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The anti-gun crowd, it seems, has a particular penchant for unintended self-defeat. We all remember the Mike Bloomberg commercial that inadvertently made the women on “The View” realize the benefits of gun ownership… Well, we now have a new running candidate for the worst anti-gun commercial in recent memory: (HT: NRO)

Wow… So in this “Public Service Announcement”, our lovely hoplophobes decide to portray a kid stealing his parent’s gun, taking it to school, and turning it over to a teacher? On the bright side, the ad does demonstrate how ridiculously useless “gun free zones” are in the real world. We pretty much all thought we knew where this ad was going… Imagine our surprise when we learned we was just a bleeding heart liberal, instead of a dangerous psychopath.

But, really, where do you start with something like this?

To begin with, I think the PSA ended a little early. We seem to be missing the whole scene where the teacher calls the police; and SWAT members show up to haul the little kleptomaniac off to jail for carrying a 9mm into a “gun free” school zone. In a mere 2 minutes of liberal idiocy, we see a high school kid commit felony burglary, illegally conceal a firearm, commit unlawful possession of a deadly weapon, violate the Federal law prohibiting guns on public schools, and transfer a firearm without conducting a “universal” background check… So he’s clearly a great kid, right?

Besides that, isn’t there something just a little creepy about a kid ratting on his gun owning (law abiding) parents to his teacher? Notice that he didn’t call the cops, take the gun to a police station, or speak to his parents… He ran to his teacher. I guess she’s the only person in his life he trusts to infringe on his parent’s constitutional right? It almost seems like George Orwell wrote the script, and the liberal producers didn’t catch the subtext.

And, really, am I supposed to cheer the fact that he violated his parent’s personal space, stole their private property, and turned it over to an agent of the government “education” program? (Not to mention all those felonies we just mentioned.) And if so, why? Because his intentions are honorable?

Well… Good news for all you people that want to responsibly carry a gun: Go ahead and forget about abiding by all your local laws (so long as your intentions are honorable).

Watching the PSA a second time, I realized that there was a pretty obvious (albeit unintended) lesson to learn: A little basic parenting, mixed with some entry-level NRA safety education, would have prevented almost everything we saw in the commercial. (Don’t even get me started on his atrocious ignorance of basic safety precautions… He didn’t check the chamber, his finger was on the trigger, and poorly trained chimpanzees have proven capable of better muzzle control.)

Yeah, I get it… The point of the ad was to show us how easily things could have gone wrong. But that whole conversation is somewhat pointless given the bigger issues at play. I mean, the people that wrote the PSA aren’t exactly advocating for safe storage (which would have made for a much shorter PSA), responsible firearm education (which would have eliminated the need for the PSA), more involved parenting (which is clearly absent in this fictional household), or more effective school security…

Instead, the hoplophobes producing this absurdity are advocating for the abolition of private firearm ownership by any means possible. Even if those means include a kid dangerously handling a deadly weapon, committing numerous felonies, and betraying the trust of the people that raised him.

How warm and fuzzy.

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