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Crashing the Inauguration

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By lunchtime Friday Donald Trump will be our president.

The New York-L.A.-D.C. liberal media - America's axis of evil? - are still in shock and may never recover.


Their reporters and commentators did every unfair and unbalanced thing they could to do to help Hillary Clinton and stop Donald Trump - ridicule, sneers, fake news, outright lies, whatever.

Nothing worked.

For the next four years members of the mainstream liberal print and electronic media will be bummed out because they have to cover a president they hate, but at least most of the journalists are not insane.

I can't say that about the Americans around the country who are actively protesting the inauguration of President Trump.

They are absolutely out of their minds.

Nothing these political children do or chant on the streets of Seattle or Boston will prevent Trump from becoming president.

The sign-waving and marching of 350,000 protestors expected in Washington this weekend will do nothing to stop Trump.

Neither will the last-minute sniping, griping and bitching of the liberal media.

The inauguration is going to happen. At Noon, Friday.

The 50-some Democrat congressmen (most from safe Democratic districts) who are boycotting the ceremony in protest also are nuts, not to mention childish and rude.

But so what. No matter what irrational things they or Congressman John Lewis say about President Trump's alleged illegitimacy, Trump will still become our 45th president.


I think one reason you have 50 liberal members of Congress skipping the inauguration might be because they are scared to death President Trump will be successful.

Congressmen like Lewis are afraid a Trump administration may lift black communities in our cities out of the squalor they've been left in by decades of Democrat policy.

If a President Trump succeeds in spurring genuine economic growth or improving education for the kids trapped in failed urban schools, it'll prove what failures and phonies all those liberal Democrats are.

It's time for everyone in politics to grow up - especially the losers on the left.

We're all going to have to learn to deal with the reality of President Trump. Nothing will get done unless we all work together.

It makes no sense for members of the black community to go after other blacks simply because they met with the president-elect.

Why should Jennifer Holliday have to cancel her plans to sing at Trump's inauguration because of death threats? Why is Steve Harvey called names merely for meeting with Trump?

Making things worse has been the glaring failure of ex-President Barack Obama.

At any time he could have used his political and moral authority to quickly end the ugly reactions to the inauguration of Donald Trump.

But Mr. Obama has not said a public word to his constituents or to the country at large to bring peace to this event. He has acted like a spoiled child.


It's like, "I'm no longer president. My gal lost, so on my way out the door I'm going to cause as much trouble as I can.

"And guess what, Donald? I'm not even going to leave town. I'm going to be around to cause trouble forever."

The inauguration of the president should be a positive event that brings political winners and losers together and symbolizes the peaceful transference of power according to our Constitution.

But the babies on the left and their dishonest friends in the media have raised the temperature around Donald Trump's inauguration to a dangerous level.

For the next few days it looks like we're going to have hundreds of thousands of angry, irrational Americans marching in the streets of Washington.

I just hope the Secret Service and the massive security force in DC - 30,000 cops and national guardsmen - have done their homework. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if one of these American yahoos will try to kill our new president.

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