Michael Glassner

Michael  Glassner
The Commission on Presidential Debates Should Go Ahead And Endorse Joe Biden
By Michael Glassner
You can’t debate your opponent if you have to debate the debate commission first.The privately-run Commission on Presidential Debates has ...
October 13, 2020
Fake News Is the Greatest Threat to a Free Press
By Michael Glassner
A free and trustworthy press is vital to a functioning democracy. Media outlets that publish egregious falsehoods do a grave ...
April 21, 2020
The Polling Trend on Impeachment Shows the True Impact of the Democrats’ Sham
By Michael Glassner
If the Democrat establishment thought that their chances of ousting President Trump were slim a few months ago, the latest ...
December 28, 2019
President Trump's Montana Visit Is Bad News for Jon Tester
By Michael Glassner
The last time President Trump traveled to Montana, Democrat Senator Jon Tester welcomed him with open arms, placing full-page ads ...
September 06, 2018
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