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AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic

Can someone hit the brakes? We’re on a runaway train traveling at high speed, approaching a bend, and destined to careen off the tracks unless a brave soul tells the Republican Party to torpedo this heinous immigration deal that’s being mulled up on the Hill. 


I never thought I’d see the day when some Republicans would willingly back a mass amnesty bill and be blind to the fact that the only people who gain to benefit from this push, both in the immediate and long term, are Democrats. In the words of Ellen Ripley, “nuke the entire site from orbit” when it comes to this bill, which we have railed against since the first details were made public. 

The bill has many border security measures logrolled in, serving as an ammunition belt for the members of Congress who need to sell this legislation back home as a border security measure. More money for border patrol agents, salary hikes for current officers, and an expedited deportation process for migrants who fail to meet asylum benchmarks. The flanking maneuver here is something you already know: the two million Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipients who will be put on the citizenship track and who could then sponsor their extended family members once they’re through the process. 

We’re talking millions of people, and it doesn’t disincentivize illegal immigration. If anything, it resets for another massive amnesty move in a generation or two, so it doesn’t secure the border, doesn’t take the issue off the table, and is a classic kick the can down the road move we often see from elected officials. The only difference is it’s the GOP that is going to get screwed.

The reaction from the conservative base should be a massive red flag to any Republican thinking about casting their lot with Sens. Thom Tillis (R-NC) and Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ)—the principal negotiators of this deal. The far left must be chuckling over this because they know the Republican blood sports that could come from this bill. I couldn’t care less about barely winning the House—2022 was a lost election cycle, where the GOP could have established sizable majorities in the House and retaken the Senate. We failed, and the next thing we do is put forward a sloppy immigration package where Democrats reap all the credit. That’s not statesmanship, coalition building, or good governance. It’s a colossal blunder that carries the added sting of giving the middle finger to conservative voters, who remain stunned and deflated over the red wave that never came.


We got a warning that the upper crust of the Senate Republican leadership wanted to get something done on immigration this year. That was rehashed when they joined forces with Democrats to pass their anti-gun package. What is Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) doing right now? The Kentucky Republican was recently re-elected to his leadership post, so where does he stand on this amnesty monstrosity?

This proposal isn’t going to die on the vine, Mitch. What about Ronna McDaniel, who is gunning for another term as chairperson for the Republican National Committee? McDaniel says she’s not for mass amnesty—what does she say about this proposed legislation? She’s facing a re-election challenge, so where does one of the faces of the GOP land on Tillis’ bill?

The Second Amendment was my issue where there can be no compromise, but given the chaos and anarchy that’s been plaguing the border for years, immigration might be another one. It’s an issue that has united the party and allowed Donald Trump to leap to the top of the candidate field in 2016. The American people want a secure border, and the Tillis-Sinema bill only props open the gates. Immigration is quickly becoming an issue where, if the GOP fumbles, it could give plenty of conservatives a reason never to back Republicans again.

Editor's Note: Help us keep up the fight against the RINOs who are willing to betray us by siding with the Democrats. We cannot grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. 


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