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The White House via AP

If you've ever seen "Red Dragon," the Biden presidency is Freddy Lounds rolling down the hill engulfed in flames. The only things left on the disaster list are nuclear war, invasion, or a cataclysmic natural disaster. Joe Biden led this nation from prosperity into a recession, from peace into an endless proxy war with Russia in Ukraine. Gas prices are declining because of the economic downturn. We still have a supply chain crisis, a southern border crisis, and a baby formula shortage. There hasn't been one thing that this administration has resolved or placed us on track for improvement. We're a laughingstock to the world, where everyone can smell the weakness of this president. Europe has to devise contingency plans on some issues because this White House cannot be trusted to follow through. "What will Joe screw up today?" is the question of the week. How much more of this sick, old man can the nation take? 

Check off the boxes. Joe bungled our exit from Afghanistan. He crashed the economy. Beijing smacks the president around with impunity. And Joe has created a domestic humanitarian crisis, thanks to a porous border. To top it all off, Biden gets COVID. He also disregarded CDC guidelines, left quarantine too soon, and might have exposed Lord knows how many to infection as he sprayed his viral load over everyone. 

Wasn't this precisely what Joe Biden attacked Trump for during the waning days of his presidency? You must follow the experts. If you don't, you're reckless and selfish. Well, that's Joe Biden. Name anything Joe attacked Trump for, and Biden has not only done the same thing but did it worse. The veneer of competence and professionalism is coming apart faster than Joe's mental faculties.

While the midterms will stop the bleeding since a GOP House takeover will forever end the Build Back Better agenda, we still have two more years with this clown. Biden will preside over the total collapse of Hispanic and Asian-American support for Democrats. The numbers we're seeing are unheard of and paint a picture of electoral death should he be wheeled out again in 2024.

Joe Biden is a one-term president. There is no indication that he has the skills to turn things around. He can't. You can't improve on anything when you cannot accept facts. Joe doesn't think we're in a recession because he chooses not to, but Trump has better approvals than he does now. The only saving grace Biden has is that Kamala is his VP. If it weren't for her in that position, Biden would have been removed via the 25th Amendment eons ago. Most Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck. Inflation is still out of control. We're a mess aboard; China is firing shots across the bow over arms shipments and Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan.

The downward spiral isn't going to end unless we get braindead Captain Bligh off the ship, but I can't push that because some in the media would call that an insurrection. We'll have to wait until 2024, but who knows if the ship will be afloat by then? 


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