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Sorry, my apologies. Let's be clear. These are allegations of rapetwo allegations of rape. Any rational person would think this would be an election killer, but not for Justin Fairfax, Virginia's lieutenant governor. As Ellie wrote, he's all-in for the 2021 gubernatorial race, as Ralph Northam cannot run again; Virginia does not permit governors to serve consecutive terms.

The man is facing two allegations of rape. He's not bothered by it. In fact, at the time, he said it would be a political boon for him.

"People come up to me at gas stations. They say, 'Hey, we recognize you. We love you. We know what they are saying about you is false,'" said Fairfax to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

So, let's rehash the controversy surrounding him (via AP):

Fairfax delivered a campaign speech at the Old Court House in Fairfax in northern Virginia.

In February 2019, Fairfax faced calls for his resignation from fellow Democrats after two women publicly accused him of sexual assault.

Meredith Watson, who attended Duke University with Fairfax, said he raped her in 2000. Vanessa Tyson, a California professor, said Fairfax forced her to perform oral sex when they both attended the Democratic National Convention in Boston in 2004.

Why didn't he get the boot? Why did Fairfax survive? Well, one, he's a Democrat. Two, he's a Black Democrat. And three, the two white dudes ahead of him were engulfed in a blackface scandal. Yeah, Governor Ralph Northam and Attorney General Mark Herring both admitted to donning blackface in college at a time when such behavior places your head into the political guillotine. If all three had resigned, the Republicans would have taken over the governorship. It may have been humiliating for Democrats, given that the entire executive leadership was now a clown show, but they had faith in the "two rules" system. You know, where Republicans live by one set and the Democrats live by another. A typical characteristic is that GOP politicians must resign over a rape allegation, but the Democrat gets to stay. That's usually how this system works. Oh, and the latter almost always gets a healthy amount of political cover from the media.

It got nasty for a bit too in early 2019, with Fairfax accusing Northam's office of leaking the sexual assault allegations to stop him from succeeding the governor who was getting hit for his blackface antics.

It must be nice to be a Democrat. You can do everything the "woke" Left hates, donning blackface and allegedly raping women, and still hold onto power. And that's at the core of this whole thing that's happening with the Left. They don't care. And it's not just about fighting rape. It's their whole movement.

They attacked Justice Brett Kavanaugh viciously over unsubstantiated gossip about some sexual assault that most likely didn't occur at a high school party from some doofus who swears that it was him but doesn't know where this gathering was, why they were partying, or how she got home. Yeah, sure, Jan. Oh, and then we learn why Christine Blasey Ford came forward: it was to stop conservatives from being able to overturn Roe v. Wade.

I'm preaching to the choir here, I know. But it's to remind all of you that it's okay to tune out liberal arguments. They have none. It's all screaming, hysterics, and accusing people of being racist for stuff like…flying the American flag on your property. And these same folks, who think they know better because they got a four-year college degree, still have the stones to cast themselves as these moral figures on the issue of sexual assault.

Believe all women, they say. So, why is the Democratic Virginia legislature refusing to hold hearings on the allegations against Fairfax? Isn't that what's supposed to happen? Liberals love their rapists. They really do. Why did the MeToo movement sort of fizzle out? Is it because most of the high-profile creepers were, you guessed it, executives in Hollywood and major news outlets—two bastions of liberal cultural power? It needed to be phased out, and it has been. It was more of a moment than a movement because, shocker, a lot of rapists out there are die-hard liberals.

So, when the Left goes on a rape tirade, ignore them. There's just too much hypocrisy on their side to truly care. And it's almost always going to be with some political agenda. You all know this. Democrats talk about how they're the party for women and how they stand up for the victims of rape. Yeah, they sure do…when it suits them. There could be 2,000-plus allegations against Fairfax or any Democrat. The Left still wouldn't care if it meant holding onto a Senate seat, congressional district, or a governor's mansion. We are dealing with scum. Don't respect them. Don't like them. Don't be their friends.

Liberals are not your friends. They are and will forever be our enemies, enemies that must be destroyed. You can do that this November by voting Republican.


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