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Only Democrats Would Think A Rape Allegation Could Be A Boost To Their Political Career

AP Photo/Steve Helber

You simply cannot make this up. You just can’t—but only Democrats could get away with it. If this were a Republican, whoever would say or even contemplate this would get the electric chair by the media. Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, who has been accused of raping two women, said that he might actually run for governor because the scandal has increased his name recognition. Is this the Bill Clinton protocol? (Via Richmond Times-Dispatch) [emphasis mine]:

Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax said Thursday that he is “very hopeful about the future” and “thinking very seriously” about a gubernatorial run in 2021.

Fairfax, who faces sexual assault allegations by two women, said the scandal has raised his public profile for good.

“Many people a year ago would not have recognized me, now they really do,” Fairfax said. “People come up to me at gas stations, they say, ‘Hey, we recognize you. We love you. We know what they are saying about you is false.’ ”

Fairfax’s comments came during a roundtable with reporters to talk about his recent trip to England, where he traced familial ties with an English family that freed his great-great-great grandfather from slavery in Northern Virginia.

First of all, those people need to be smacked in the face with frying pans. We don’t know what’s true or not, but one thing is for sure: if you’re facing two credible allegations of rape, running for higher office is pretty much off the board. Fairfax was facing impeachment threats from his own party over these allegations. At the time, it presented a pickle for Democrats. Fairfax was accused of rape, while Gov. Ralph Northam and Attorney General Mark Herring admitted to wearing blackface. It was the perfect storm. 

‘Me Too’ and race collided and the fallout was all for the Left to clean up. Northam’s blackface fiasco was even more delicious because he peddled race-baiting like never before in the 2017 gubernatorial race, painting supporters of his GOP opponent, Ed Gillespie, as Confederate flag-waving, pick up driving racists who will run down Muslims, Hispanics, and blacks. The entire governing administration of Virginia, all Democrats, had either admitted to engaging in racist antics or was accused of rape. And yet, they’re still there. So, please, for those who think there aren’t double standards or two sets of rules between Democrats and Republicans, this is your answer: there most definitely is. Northam wasn’t going to resign and it looked like for a time there could be a moment where Fairfax would be forced to go, while the white, blackface-wearing governor would stay. In fact, no one could leave because then the GOP would regain control of the governor’s mansion. As with anything, this is all about power, ‘Me Too’ and racism be damned. 

For Fairfax, well, he’s just toeing how the party reacts when their side gets a face full of buckshot from the political correctness shotgun. It’s what happens when their rules are pointed right back at them—you get insanity. You get a cesspool.

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