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The lockdowns are over. The Democrats, the liberal media, and the woke legions that have taken over the medical expert community might not know it yet—but it's done. We're not going back inside. We can't. We won't. We don't have to because these same clowns who said that it was selfish of us to want to go outside also said that we were aiding and abetting racism by staying inside during the George Floyd riots and unrest. Floyd died after being arrested by the Minneapolis Police on May 25; his death sparked nationwide riots. You see, protesting for that was moral urgency. I see—so a virus averts infecting people who go outside for causes that are of moral urgency?

It's the two separate rules nonsense that dominates American liberalism. You cannot want to re-open businesses because that might kill people, you selfish a**hole. That was a few weeks ago. When Floyd was killed, it quickly became "wait, you're still inside and not protesting this horrible injustice, you're an a**hole." You cannot have it both ways, and scores of Americans now see through this nonsense. Graduations, funerals, and scores of small businesses were impacted by the medical experts saying that we all had to do our part and stay home, which lasted until Floyd died.

Now, with the unrest dying down, the media's ramping up the panic porn as if we didn't see what they were shoveling for the past two weeks. There was nothing on social distancing. Nothing. And now, with Trump saying his rallies are back on—the freakout is going to be epic. Ignore the experts. Their time is done. They exposed themselves to be no better than the MSNBC talking heads from the Democratic National Committee. It also is a bit disturbing that the "woke" appears to have infested the expert class. You know, racism is just as deadly as a pandemic. It's nonsense.

Yet, while we should mock the experts, ignore them, and possibly tar and feather them for peddling panic for a virus that probably wasn't that big of a deal, to begin with—there's going to be a return to this nasty bit that will move leaders of all stripes: the crashing stock market.

This was one of the reasons why I initially supported the lockdown, albeit until we flattened the curve, stopping the spread, and helping these medical workers by not overwhelming the hospitals, which we did. And then the Democrats tried to keep us locked up forever. But at the time, when this thing was spreading rapidly, especially in New York City, the market tanked. We lost trillions; 1,500-2,000-point drops in the Dow. We have another hiccup like that last week. And the media are harping on it, and they will because it hurts President Trump. It will cause more volatility. Initially, the liberal media did their job at the outset of this outbreak: they trashed the market. And then Trump did weekly pressers which helped him recover in the polls, which was when the media decided that they were against the pressers.

This return to the COVID hysteria will come with market instability. This time someone at the Trump White House has to find a way to offset. The market spiked betting on an economic recovery based on the solid job numbers last month. For now, maybe that's all we can hope to stem the serial losses that could occur from the coronavirus fetish the media are about to rediscover. It'll be tough. It'll be annoying, but we have to move forward. There is no second lockdown. I know that is going to be a war cry among the left-wing medical expert class—ignore them. In two weeks, we should be asking whether they can be trusted ever again after they bastardized the entire industry.

I really am worried that the panic porn, no matter how absurd, will trash the markets. I'm also very hopeful that the phases of re-openings that are occurring across the country will get the engines going again. It's quite the roll of the dice, but betting on the American people is always a good move. We'll get through this, even with the liberal media looking like absolute clowns for thinking we'd forgotten their pro-George Floyd riot fest. Also, and I'm sure you already know this, who cares about the percentages? I'm fairly confident that the coverage will focus on the spikes in terms of percentages, not the number of cases, to make it seem like a bigger deal than it is. This is how the media has manufactured this myth about rural/red state COVID hotspots. There aren't any—they all pale in comparison to what's occurring in the deep blue bastions of America. It's basic. Rural populations are spread out; urban ones aren't so the outbreak will be worse in the latter.

There is no red state spike that's so bad it warrants another shutdown, folks. None. It was actually never that bad for most of the country, just the areas run by Democrats, and they, in turn, try to shame the Republican states for re-opening because their backyards are still totally infested.

We're not going back inside, liberal America. And if there is a spike, it's due to the rioters and protestors not abiding by the very rules the experts laid out. The ones that you apparently got a pass for if you're demonstrating for causes of moral urgency. This COVID clown show is over. Yes, it's a real virus. It's still around, but so is the flu. We'll survive. And before you hurl the death toll at my face, I shrug. Yeah, over 100,000 Americans are dead. And? It's like the media thinks this virus is the only thing that kills Americans. Now, it's not 100,000 deaths/year, but almost half of that is lost to car accidents in this country. We still drive cars. We still need to get to work. There are other causes of death that soar into ridiculous numbers; we still go outside. I'm done with this lockdown crap.

Let the economy roar again. Let that offset the panic drummed up by the media. And keep exposing the sheer hypocrisy of it all. In New York City, comrade Bill de Blasio said his new contract tracing initiative for new COVID patients wouldn't ask them if they had participated in any demonstrations. I think that would be an important question, right? It's just liberal America boiled down right there: peddling another policy that won't work.

It's just funny. This is the party of science, except when it comes to vaccines and viruses, apparently. If anything, maybe that could impact the markets: how utterly braindead our political leadership has become. 

Still, don't be shocked if the Dow Jones is a bit rough and wobbly. But again, when some "expert" comes back to talk COVID, hit that "mute" button. It's time we blew up this circus.

UPDATE: Very nice...


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