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It’s not that we forget it’s just that we need reminding often. For the well-attuned—those in the thick of the fight—media bias stories are days that end in “y.” We know the media is biased; what’s the point? The point is that we need daily reminders reminding us Republicans, conservatives, Trump supporters, and anti-political correctness folks that the media hates us. This is the fuel that keeps us going, or at least it should. And every now and then, even the Left notices when the networks that often back their agenda start to shoot inside the ship. I’m talking about the CNN-Elizabeth Warren hit that was executed against Bernie Sanders during the 2020 Iowa Democratic Debate. What better way to smear Sanders as a sexist? The Sanders camp was livid; “CNN is trash” was trending on Twitter. Both sides are monitoring each other for bias in their respective media outlets. It’s fine. Let’s do battle.

The fuel we speak of when dunking on these clowns has only increased in octane levels since the 2016 election. The liberal media literally cannot take the fact that Donald Trump won the 2016 election. They can’t stand it. And it goes beyond the hatred of Trump. The army of peasants took down the elites. An army of normal folks snubbed the learned masses. The cultural bastions of liberalism and condescension were ignored. And not only that—they were inadequate to carry a hardcore liberal woman, though pretty much despised by everyone, over the top. This isn’t how it’s supposed to work. This wasn’t supposed to happen. The country bumpkins are meant to permanently be in the back seat, silent, idle, and unengaged. That’s the fatal word: permanent. Nothing is permanent in this country. And while people talk demographics, it’s not destiny. As long as opinions can change, this notion of a permanent majority remains a fool’s errand, one that has burned both parties at the polls. During the Bush years, Republicans thought national security could carry them in every election, and then Obama came onto the national scene. In 2008, Democrats thought they had a permanent majority with Obama. Then, the 2010 Tea Party wave came crashing into Washington, followed by epic losses in the 2014 elections, and a near gutting of the state party apparatuses Democrats had in the legislatures. By 2016, this coalition was not going to just willy-nilly vote for Clinton. Opinions changed. 

This rabble army and their representatives simply cannot be trusted with the affairs of state, right? The liberal elites hoped Trump would fail. He didn’t. The economy is booming. The Iran issue is pretty much resolved. They had a fireworks show and we still killed their number one terrorist, Major Gen. Qasam Soleimani. He’s still dead. Iran now knows that redlines and deterrence have been re-established. World War III was very short if you all remember. I slept through most of it. Taxes have been reduced, regulations cut, new trade deals ushered in or are being negotiated as we speak as in the case with China. Consumer and small business confidence have reached their highest marks in years. Multiple Dow Jones closing bells; the stock market is soaring. Manufacturing has seen some of its strongest periods in years. Wages have increased, paychecks are bigger, and unemployment across the board for blacks, Asians, Hispanics, and women, has reached record lows.  And all of this while the Democratic Party has launched one of the shoddiest and most pathetic impeachment attempts ever. Oh, and all of this was accomplished as liberal America continues to assault this administration. Even after all the smears, lies, and tantrums thrown by the professional Left, Trump still wins.

Maybe that’s why CNN Don Lemon and company decided to just mock Trump supporters as illiterate morons during his Saturday broadcast because…that’s all they have. They’ve got nothing. Nothing but their own snobby, self-righteous swipes that are so indicative of all Democrats. They think they know best because…of reasons that are frankly ridiculous. We must all bow down to the New York, Los Angeles, and Acela Corridor voters because…things happen there. Rural America is where the unlearned, the illiterate, and the disengaged reside. In fact, they’re so low on the intellectual totem pole, we should just get rid of the Electoral College, which ensures geographical diversity in order to win the presidency, and let California and the Northeast run things. I mean this segment was pretty awful. Our own Julio Rosas clipped it:

 A segment on "CNN Tonight with Don Lemon" is drawing heavy criticism after guests Wajahat Ali and Rick Wilson spent some time mocking President Trump and his supporters as Americans who can't read, write, or read a map.


Describing Trump's base as a "credulous, boomer rube" demographic, Wilson then used a southern accent to state: "'Donald Trump’s a smart one and y’all elitists are dumb.'"

Host Don Lemon burst into laughter as Wilson mocked the voters.

"'You elitists with your geography, maps, spelling,'" Ali joined in. "'Yeah, your reading. Your geography. Knowing other countries. Sipping your latte.'"

"All those lines on the map,'" Wilson added as Lemon continued his uncontrollable laughter.

CNN once again makes a massive in-kind contribution to the Trump 2020 campaign. No, really, I mean it’s almost amazing how this network, along with its equally insufferable counterpart, MSNBC (or is it MSDNC), is just a grade-A machine for churning out new Trump voters. It’s a reminder that if you’re not liberal, educated, or live in an area that matters—whatever that means—these people hate you. You’re a waste of space, time, and lives. You cannot be of any value living in rural Pennsylvania, Ohio, Idaho, Montana, or any place that isn’t on the coasts. These people, these progressives think you’re holding America back from being the socialist utopia that they all lust for, where abortions are free, conservatives are driven underground, free speech is dead, guns are confiscated, and the PC police are as vicious and unforgiving as ISIS’ religious police. Oh, and don’t forget everyone gets their health care plan, where the only thing equal is that we all suffer

Yeah, how dare these people only busy themselves with finding work to feed their families, pray to God to thank Him for a safe day’s work, healthy kids, and food on the table? How dare these people go hunting with their children, let them experience the outdoors, and utilize game lands, ingraining a need for conservation as well, which is an issue that’s often overlooked. How dare these people try and live lives to the best of their abilities and not vote for someone who mocks them or has zero connection with these people. It’s why a lot of working-class folks who thought Obama was too liberal in 2012 stayed home because Mitt Romney wasn’t relatable either.  If you wanted to win 2016, liberal America—you could have. It was the most eminently winnable election in years. You blew it because your agenda was so focused on Trump doing this, that, and the other, namely talking about grabbing a certain female body part. And guess what? No one cared. Meanwhile, Trump talked about jobs, better trade deals, lower taxes, cutting red tape, rebuilding America’s military, and her greatness. Who’s message do you think won? And guess what, with hard results backing the Trump agenda as a winner, I think Trump will win again. He will win again with this motley crew the Democrats have put together for 2020. And that’s part of this nasty CNN segment. I think deep down, seeing how the Democratic Party has a milquetoast field—they know Trump will win again. Ladies and gentlemen, if you were thoroughly entertained with the flow of liberal tears after the 2016 election, you’re going to see a deluge not seen since the Great Flood when Trump clinches re-election in November. 

These liberals deserve no mercy. Everything they say should be treated as suspect or an outright lie. This is war. This segment should be replayed every day until Election Day. They hate you. They hate Trump. And the best way to stick a knife in the throat of liberal America is to Keep America Great.  Remember, they hate Trump because they hate you. They’re not after Trump, they’re after you—the president is just standing in the way. We know you’re engaged. We know you’re voting for the right people. We value your readership. And you’re not worthless. Be proud. Be ready. We hope you’re doing the best you can to support your loved ones. A very small percentage of the population has a college degree. Not having one isn’t a source of shame. Every American deserves a chance for more economic opportunities with hard work and perseverance, the latter of which was espoused by the late NBA icon Kobe Bryant. It’s not just for the snobs in the Northeast. 

I guess in closing, we’re Trump supporters. They can’t get rid of us. Be louder. Wear those MAGA hats everywhere. If a liberal is offended, who cares? This is a nation for the strong, the determined, and the go-getters. It’s not for the entitled soy boys who think they’re making a difference drinking fair-trade coffee and being part of the cancel lynch mobs on social media. And that’s also a funny part of the CNN segment, these clowns act as if no liberal really acts like this; they do. They just showed it with their hatred of people who don’t think like them. I wish I could say live and let live. Not anymore. It’s going to get nasty. Will you fix bayonets?



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