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Damian Dovarganes

From August, 2011 through July, 2015, I worked as a history instructor for the Liaoning Normal University/Missouri State University (LNU/MSU) College of International Business in Dalian, Liaoning, China.  This is a joint effort between the two schools to, presumably, foster better relations between America and China, and provide Chinese students an American business education.  The students, nearly all Chinese, spend two years at LNU/MSU improving their English skills, and then the last two years, they transfer to Missouri State in Springfield, or some other western college of their choice, to finish their degrees.  Practically, it is an excellent program for Chinese students.


As noted, for five years, I taught American history (the curriculum was set by MSU) to eager college freshmen.  Honestly, and humbly, I was doing an outstanding work.  Not only was I helping the students at LNU/MSU, but I had met many, many other Chinese students and people in Dalian, and was enjoying great success as a teacher of history and English.  After five years in China, a foreigner only begins learning about China in ways that can assist their teaching.  I fully intended to continue my work there.  But, in 2015, with typical Chinese arbitrary tyranny, the government told me it was time to go.  They gave me no substantive reason, just “go.”  MSU didn’t want me to leave, nor did LNU.  Some students even tearfully begged the Chinese dean to let me stay.  But Chinese colleges don’t make those decisions, oppressive bureaucrats do, and, as the visa expert (Chinese lady) at LNU/MSU told me, “the government doesn’t care if you are the best teacher in China.”  So, I was gone.

Then I did a stupid thing.  Within two years, I returned to China, this time teaching at a university in Zhengzhou, Henan province.  Two and a half excellent years ensued, helping the students, and many other people in that city.  I even served for a time as the Director of Teaching Affairs for the university’s special English program.  No matter.  At the end of the fall semester 2019, I was told my contract would not be renewed and I would have to leave.  Covid hit hard the next month, and subsequent events are irrelevant to this column.  But not to a future one.


What I am attempting to convey here are two concrete examples of how the Leftist, communist Chinese government does not care one iota about the well-being of its people—or anybody else.  As the lady in Dalian said, I could have been the best teacher in China, but they would still run me off because that is what totalitarians do.  They want power, arbitrarily enforced, and that is all they care about.  The CCP has one goal in mind: domination of as much of this globe as possible, and what it takes, or how many people they hurt or kill in the process, is utterly irrelevant to them.  Power is the only thing Leftists believe in.

And Leftism is Leftism is Leftism--everywhere.  Marxism (Leftist philosophy) is a world-wide, globalist ideology, not a national one.  And the Democratic Party, composed almost entirely of Marxist/Leftists now, has totally swallowed this globalist ideology (remember “citizen of the world” Obama?).  They are trying to do in America what the CCP has done in Chinacomplete domination. The Democrats care no more about the American people than the CCP cares about the Chinese people.  I saw it in China for ten years, and now I am seeing the exact same thing happening in America.  What does it take to have total control? That is all that matters.


The Chinese communists had to solidify their hold, and make China wealthy, before they set out on their Marxist world mission.  The Democrats are just in the beginning stages of dominating America.  If these Marxists ever become as ascendent in the United States as the CCP is in China, it will be interesting to see where such will lead them.  Will they confront, or join, China?  I can tell you what China would do.  China would crush them because the Democrats are stupidly naïve.

Glenn Beck recently said that he believes America and China will be at war by 2025.  General Mark Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is a little more cautious, but also asserted, “There’s a lot of rhetoric in China...that could create the perception that war is right around the corner.”  Because of his caving to woke ideology in the military, Milley has lost all credibility with patriotic Americans.  But he still has access to intelligence that few others possess.  Whether he has a solid understanding of China and Marxist doctrine is problematic, however.

I don’t know whether there will be a war between America and China or not.  I related some of my experiences in China to inform readers of some insights I have into that nation.  Chinese leaders have a reputation—not always deserved—of patience.  I have trouble believing Xi Jinping would risk a war with America in 2025 if he believes that, eventually, China will become the dominant world power without it.  That is the way the Chinese have usuallyoperated—in effect, good things come to those who wait, scheme, lie, and steal.


Xi can certainly see that America, under Joe Biden and the Democratic Party, is committing national suicide, destroying itself from within.  Why not just let it happen?  If Biden (or a Democrat) is elected next year, the suicidal process will only accelerate.  Napoleon said something to the effect of never interfere with your enemy when he is in the process of destroying himself.  I can’t see why China would WANT to go to war with America any time soon.

But, one more thing I know about China—they are an inscrutable people, impossible to predict.  Except that the CCP will do whatever it perceives is in ITS best interest, regardless of any cost to China’s people or humanity.  That much I know for sure.  I lived that.

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