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More Racism from the Non-Racist Left

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The Left, of course, shouts “racism” shriller than anyone, but their actions speak much louder than their big mouths.  The loudest voice is always the one people hear.  But that doesn’t mean it speaks the truth.  Look at what people do, not what they say.  There is the true measure, and that measure, for the Left, is undeniable racism.


Rachel Maddow recently made the following observation:  The GOP wants to "go back to the good old days where everybody was the same color."

Rachel, which was the party of slavery and Jim Crow? 

But you say we don't want a color-blind society?

No, the Democratic Party, the Left, does not want that.   And they are doing everything they can to prevent it, to divide America along racial, and other, lines.  The Left’s “identity politics” is inherently racist, and thus they deal with people differently based upon skin color.  But such is the source of much of their political power, and if they started treating everybody equally, instead of treating some groups differently, they would immediately lose much of their political influence.  And they know it.

Maddow's statement is demonstrably false on several grounds.  First, America never had a society "where everybody was the same color," and even in whatever timeframe she is trying to reference, nobody thought such a ludicrous thing.  America has always been multi-racial, and minority races were, indeed, considered second-class citizens for much of our history.  That was wrong, but it happened in every multi-racial society in history, and is still the rule, not the exception, around the world today.  America isn't unique in its discriminatory history, except that the United States led the world in realizing that discrimination IS wrong and that “all men are created equal.”  It took us awhile to get there—overturning thousands of years of historical traditions and customs rarely happens overnight, the rest of the world right now is proof of that—but we did, and far more quickly than Leftist cesspools who have never arrived.  Places like Communist China still have gross human rights abuses, and always will, because they ARE Leftist elitists who believe some people, by nature, are superior to others.  Go to China and let them call you a "barbarian" or "hairy foreign devil," which is exactly what they think of you, and the way they will treat you.


But treating people unfairly is called "discrimination."  We thought we agreed that people should not be judged "by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."  But we do not.  Conservatives believe that; liberals do not.

Our Congress passed (and a higher percentage of Republicans than Democrats voted for it) the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  That law made segregation and discrimination illegal in America.  The idea was, indeed, that everyone should be equal in the eyes of the law, that we wouldn't treat people differently based on their skin color.  That remains the law of the land.  Some people today (white, black, brown, yellow, red, purple, green, polka-dot) violate that law, but then, some people don't obey our laws against murder, either.  We will never cure evil from the human heart.

But, it would indeed be very nice if every citizen in America were, legally, treated as if we were all the same color, instead of giving special privileges to people BECAUSE of their color.  White people used to get those privileges before the Civil Rights Act.  Again, we call that "discrimination" and some of us now believe that such is wrong.  But, from their actions (not their words), Leftists obviously do not believe it is wrong because they continue to give special privileges, or (more often) stay completely away from (see Martha's Vineyard) people of non-white skin color.  Who are the racists here?


As is common among hypocrites, Leftists point fingers and shout “racism” in order to cover their own.  And when they are exposed, hell’s fury doesn’t equal theirs.

Racism isn't defined by who can shout "racist!" the loudest.  Nobody can outshout a left-wing bigot.  Racism is defined by actions, and it isn't the Republican Party who is attempting to identify Americans by color today.  Yes, it would be very nice if we could have a society where all citizens were treated as if we were the same color, all treated like Americans, all given the same rights and privileges based on law and not on color.  

But that would destroy the Democratic Party and the Left.

Sometimes these Leftists--by mistake--expose what they actually think, and Rachel Maddow said we don't want a color-blind society. This is not the least surprising to anyone who listens to what they really say and observe what they really do.  The Democratic Party hasn't changed in 200 years.  They still believe they are superior to black people and that blacks cannot survive without their help.  There is nothing more racist than that.

We need to unite on culture, on all of us being Americans, and quit dividing the country along racial and ethnic lines as the Democratic Party is doing.  Joe Biden, by letting all the riffraff of the world across our borders, will continue the racial destruction of the nation, and further, there will soon be no more “America” because there will be nothing that unites us as a people.  This is totally in harmony with what Leftism wants.


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