Jon Stewart's War on Women

Posted: May 09, 2012 12:01 AM

But to you who are listening I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.

Luke 6:27-28

Delta Airlines has pulled its sponsorship of “The Daily Show” with John Stewart on Comedy Central. On April 16th, the program ran a segment that was ostensibly a criticism of Fox News ignoring the “War On Women.” Stewart could have chosen to make his point in a variety of ways. He chose however to make that point in a manner so offensive in its denigration of women and Christianity that I shall not recount it here. Following an outcry by the Catholic League, Delta pulled it sponsorship of the program.

It would be easy, not to mention cathartic to unleash a torrent of invective at Stewart and his ilk for their repeated attacks on that which they oppose, which outstrip anything from the right in terms of vehemence or crassness.

The media has long since become a refuge for emotional toddlers who feel as if they are doing the world a service by burying themselves beneath a primordial ooze of foul words and offensive images and then claim that they are occupying the moral high ground or being satirical; or that they were only joking when they are called on it.

As tempted as we may be to attack Stewart for achieving what is arguably a new low in what could loosely be called entertainment, we should in fact be praying for him. In the pursuit of accolades from his peers, in an effort to be “cutting edge” and  “progressive” he has debased his craft, his network, his viewers and himself.

And that is to be pitied. His fate is no less different than our own, and while he has chosen to use his venue to be as insulting as possible, he will be one day called to account for his actions as will we all. As Christians, it is our duty to pray for the elevation of the spirit of a man and not for the destruction of the same. In an effort to sully the right, Stewart has succeeded first and foremost in debasing himself. Christians want no one to suffer perdition . 

So as Stewart and his colleagues continue to amplify their rhetoric and hatred, we  must forgive them, pray for them and yes even love them as difficult as that may be.

But loving your enemies is one thing, enabling them is something else entirely. While Delta understood that it was supporting so much electronic toxic waste by its sponsorship of the show, and chose to withdraw that sponsorship, another company, in this case Kellogg’s has opted to remain.

According to CNS News, when asked about the decision, the company replied: “We understand that our customers come from a variety of backgrounds, experiences, lifestyles, and cultures and we respect their individual decisions to choose the television programs that they deem acceptable for themselves and their families. Consumers speak most loudly when they vote with their remote control and change the channel or turn off the TV if a program does not fit their personal criteria,”

Kellogg’s is apparently too concerned about a left-wing backlash, or is simply not concerned at all that is paying for such a vulgar display to be broadcast. It has chosen to continue its sponsorship., supported by the weak excuse that if someone does not like the program they can change the channel. As a believer in capitalism and the free market, I think Kellogg’s has the right to spend its advertising dollars as it sees fit. In that same vein, consumers have the right not to give their money to a company that sponsors a program with such vile content.

The last time I checked, Kellogg’s was not the only brand of cereal available on your grocer’s shelves. You have a right to change the channel and you also have a right to change brands. And you also have the right to seek your entertainment in places other than Viacom, which has decided to market the  objectification of women and a crude assault on faith under the guise of entertainment.