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We're Next

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We're next. Yes, I mean us – the American people. At least the Christians, Jews, Muslims, conservatives, Republicans, libertarians, blacks, Asians, Hispanics, LGBTQ folks, immigrants, rich, poor and middle class and everyone else among the 63 million people who voted for President Trump. (And we may as well toss in the never-Trumpers and those who have since #WalkedAway from the howling maw of anarchy that is the Democratic Party).


We're next.

They've gone after Trump. So far, they've failed. But they’ll keep trying. It doesn't matter that the real corruption and collusion was in the Hillary Clinton campaign, not the Trump campaign; that the government lied to get FISA spy warrants; that socialist operatives (and others) have been exposed within the government, working to undermine the administration of a duly elected president. Trump opposes the leftist agenda, so he's got to go. 

They’re going after Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. At this writing, they haven’t yet succeeded. But they won’t quit. It doesn't matter that this man has been investigated by the FBI six times; that he vehemently denies – on penalty of perjury – the accusations made against him, while Christine Blasey Ford has yet to give a statement under oath; or that Debrorah Ramirez was so drunk that she couldn’t remember the salient facts without six days of having her memory “refreshed” by a activist attorney. Nor does it matter that every single purported “witness” identified by both of these accusers – save one – denies their accounts. (And the sole exception has admitted that he has no first-hand knowledge.) Kavanaugh is a conservative, and his presence on the SCOTUS threatens the leftist agenda, so he must be destroyed. 


We're next.

You see, those of us who voted for Trump are the real problem. So the left wants to get rid of the Electoral College that gives a voice to smaller, less populated, rural states and offsets the Democratic strongholds of Illinois, New York and California. The Electoral College is a threat to the leftists' agenda. So it has to go. 

And Americans on the right speak out. So those of us who speak out must be demonized as "hate groups" and our voices silenced. That's why leftists are working with (and within) the mega-multinational social media platforms to shut down our Facebook accounts, limit our reach on Twitter and lock us out of our YouTube videos

When the government passes laws that force us to violate our consciences and our religious beliefs, like California did when it forced pro-life pregnancy centers to promote abortion, or like Colorado did when it tried to force a Christian baker to create a cake celebrating a homosexual marriage, we're supposed to silently comply. If we don't, if we assert our free speech and free-exercise rights, we're "weaponizing the First Amendment.” So the First Amendment -- at least for us -- has to go. 

Because immigrants tend to vote Democrat, immigration laws – as well as the agencies intended to enforce them – threaten the leftists' agenda. So immigration laws and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement have to go. Ditto for voter ID laws ensuring that only U.S. citizens vote. Those laws, too, have to go. (Inconveniently, a recent Yale/MIT study revealed that the number of illegal aliens in the U.S. is twice what was thought: over 22 million. Imagine the impact on elections if even a fraction of that number – say, 10 percent – were to vote illegally.)


When young men are accused of sexual assault on college campuses, they are routinely deprived of due process rights like the presumption of innocence, the right to counsel and the right to confront their accusers. These basic protections, we are told, are just part of the "toxic masculinity" that contributes to “rape culture” on campuses. So due process has to go. 

In fact, this week we have seen the accusation-equals-conviction narrative elevated to the national level. Several Democrats and pundits have stated expressly that Brett Kavanaugh – indeed, any conservative man – should be presumed guilty and have to prove his innocence. Meanwhile, Democratic men like former President Bill Clinton and – more recently – Rep. Keith Ellison get a pass, even with abundant evidence of their misdeeds. 

And government deprivation of our Constitutional rights is far less likely if we can defend ourselves against it. So the Second Amendment has to go.

Are you getting the picture yet? 

It isn't just the impeachment of President Trump that's at stake in November. It isn't even just the possible future impeachment of Justice Kavanaugh (if he is confirmed), or the next bloody battle for the composition of the Supreme Court (which may be all that stands between us and those who would chisel away our rights piece by piece).


It is every religious belief, every institution, every aspect of the United States Constitution, every federal and state law, every principle and practice and policy that stands in the way of leftists getting what they want.

Today’s Alinskyite leftists don’t play by the rules, because that doesn’t guarantee they'll win. So the rules have to go.

Conservatives better show up and vote in November like their lives and liberties depend upon it.

Because they do.

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