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Tune In, Turnout, Turnover

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Way back in 2008, a number of us warned voters about Obama's ideological background, and what this portended for the country. (Thank very much to Stanley Kurtz, whose new book, Radical-in-Chief, to prove us right.

Even before Kurtz' book was written, the American public should have been able to discern Obama's predispositions, just by reading what he himself wrote, and listening to what he said. Too many were not paying attention, or they were swayed by the romantic notion of electing the country's first black president, without regard to what the man stood for.

They are tuned in now. Two years into his presidency, there is little doubt about Obama's attitudes and his agenda, or the fact that Obama deceived large swaths of the electorate.

He painted himself as a healer, post-partisan, post-racial, inspired by his faith. Instead, he has proven to be a race-baiting ideologue, profoundly partisan and deliberately divisive.

He is ambivalent about Christians and Christianity, announcing to the world, “Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation,” and deleting references to God even when he quotes from the foundational documents of this country that mention God explicitly. But he is inexplicably solicitous of Muslims, bowing to their kings, defending the decision to build a mosque at Ground Zero, and sending forth the head of NASA to make Muslims feel good about their contributions to space exploration. All of this is supposed to make Islamic terrorists suspend their passion for “man-caused disasters.” Meanwhile, they try to detonate bombs in SUVs, their underwear, and just days ago, in cargo planes.

Unlike Democrats of earlier decades who represented the interests of working class voters, or Ronald Reagan who appealed to their values, Obama displays nothing but disdain for the middle class, whom he views as dumb cows to be led into pens by the unaccountable elites he appoints. He has referred to police officers as “acting stupidly,” criticized rural Americans as “bitter” bigots who “cling to” their guns, and tried to characterize everyone who opposed his agenda as a part of a mindless, panicked mob, “hardwired not to think clearly.”

Most recently, Obama attempted to pit Hispanic Americans against all those who would enforce existing immigration laws, exhorting them to “punish their enemies.” (Has any other president referred to his countrymen as enemies, or asked Americans to view other Americans that way?)

Obama also views himself as above the Constitution (which he has called a “flawed” document) and the rule of law, taking over GM, firing its CEO, and running roughshod over secured creditors, bankruptcy and contract law in the government’s dealings with the car companies.

But Obama's most obvious loathing is for the free market, as evidenced by the frequency with which he and his appointees like Health and Human Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar denounce the business community as greedy, and bludgeon them with threats.

We cannot vote Obama out of office this year. But we can thwart his crippling agenda if we remove his minions. Democrats (save a handful) are running away from the President, his actions, his attitude, and his record. They are promising their constituents that if elected, they'll stand up to Nancy Pelosi and the President.

Anyone who believes that is in complete denial.

In an article published last week in the Wall Street Journal, the editors stated, “The irony is that the Democrats most likely to lose next week are the centrists and Blue Dogs in the most competitive election districts.”

There is nothing ironic here at all, and in fact a valuable lesson to remember as we head into the elections on Tuesday. And the lesson is this: Congress, which should have been acting as a check on executive power and representing the will of the people, utterly abdicated its responsibilities in the past two years.

The “blue dogs” who ran in 2008 as “independent.” “moderate” or “conservative” Democrats were all steamrolled and arm-twisted into voting for everything that Nancy Pelosi wanted. Even a demonstrably, consistently pro-life Democrat like Michigan congressman Bart Stupak sold his soul for a meaningless Executive Order, and voted for the 2000+ page health care leviathan.

In addition, Stupak and every other Democrat committed professional malpractice by voting for legislation that they had never read. And a disturbing number of them were willing to go along with Nancy Pelosi's “deem and pass” scheme, which prompted Newt Gingrich's quip: “We've gone from passing bills without reading them to passing bills without voting on them.”

These candidates have amply demonstrated that they are not worthy of the public trust, any more than those RINO Republicans who have been stripped of the candidacy in the primaries by many conservative, libertarian, and independent voters who grumbled in 2006, yelled in 2008, and who are saying now, this time, we mean it.

Every Democrat currently in Congress supported the health care bill, the steal-from-us bill, and/or cap-and-trade, and none has shown himself or herself capable of standing up to this president or his cronies in Congress.

So fence-sitters and last-minute-deciders need to consider that a vote for any Democrat candidate for Congress is a vote for Obama's deceitful, divisive, and destructive agenda.

A vote for any Democrat is a vote in support of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, their irresponsible and profligate spending binged, and their unconstitutional manipulation of the legislative process.

A vote for any Democrat is a vote for a government autocracy that holds most Americans in complete contempt, and which will use unaccountable administrative bureaucrats and federal judges to run roughshod over the will of the American people.

As is so often the case, success for conservative candidates will depends upon turnout. If every American who opposes Barack Obama's agenda, Harry Reid's lies, and Nancy Pelosi's manipulation of congressional power VOTES tomorrow, every Democrat running can be defeated.

Every vote counts. Every single one. No matter who you are, where you live, or what you have going on November 2nd, make certain that you vote in this election, and make certain that everyone you know votes as well.

In the dope-addled 1960's, the slogan “Turn on, turn in, drop out” became a popular mantra. Shelby Steele wrote last week that Barack Obama is the personifcation of the 1960's attitude, final come to power. So it's appropriate that the American voters get to bastardize Timothy Leary's infamous exhortation when they tune in, turnout, and turnover the existing Congress.

Go vote.

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