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AP Photo/Chao Soi Cheong, File

“Some people did something.”  This was how the representative from the state of Minnesota described the September 11, 2001 radical Islamic terrorist attacks upon the United States in a recent speech to The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).


Here’s what actually happened on September 11, 2001:

Radical Islamic terrorists slipped through airport security on the beautiful Tuesday morning of September 11, 2001 with box cutters.  A worker at one of the security checkpoints had grave suspicions about the hijackers but did not want to be seen as “racist” or politically incorrect, so he let them through.  Four planes were hijacked that morning.

At the same time husbands, wives, and children were boarding planes and, for their parents, going to work at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, or traveling.

After takeoff, the Islamic fascists killed an Israeli man in first class and then killed pilots and female flight attendants.  This happened on all planes and is shown in the film United 93.

Flight attendants were scared and made calls describing the hijackings.  You could hear the fear in their voices, especially when describing how low the planes were flying over the skyscrapers of the City of New York.   Then there was no sound on the phone as the first plane crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center, killing hundreds instantly.  Almost immediately thereafter, a man was waving a white towel almost 100 stories in the air out of a window of the North Tower of the World Trade Center.  He was desperately seeking help, looking down on the largest city in the United States for someone who could get up to him.  No one could.


Many left the South Tower of the World Trade Center but some stayed after being told the building was safe.  Minutes later, a second plane hit that building.  The fate of the people in the two buildings was now inextricably bound forever.

As the World Trade Center burned so did its victims.  Some fell out of the windows on fire.  Some fell out of the windows holding hands.  None of them jumped, because jumping implies a real choice.  They did not have a real choice.  At least 200 fell out.  Our main networks generally haven’t shown that on television for years.

Some were stuck inside the elevators. Some victims choked to death inside while surrounded by flames of 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.  Callers from inside the building describe people throwing up and looking out windows.   

Groups of two, three, four or even more people were piled out of those windows trying to breathe.   So many piled up that they were barely holding on, sometimes locking hands with the person in the window next to them. The saw their officemates falling and were petrified of what was coming as their floor sagged.  An already horrifying experience became even more so.

As the World Trade Center collapsed those who were, perhaps unmercifully, still alive were crushed to death but not before they heard the earthquake descending upon them or, for those on the uppermost floors, they rode it down for the first few stories until they, along with their floor, collapsed.  


As the South Tower collapsed its debris rained down faster than the collapse and destroyed St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church making the church, albeit by a few seconds, the first building totally obliterated on September 11, 2001.  All these years later, the church has not been rebuilt. 

Children were left without a strong male figure or the loving arms of a mother.  Some lost both parents.  Some lost two children.  One family lost a firefighter and police officer.  One family lost three loved ones.  One family lost their daughter on her first business trip to New York when she arrived 20 minutes early.

Over 1,000 victims never received a burial because their remains were never found.  The worst terrorist attack in American history was a world event and was the worst terrorist attack in British history with nearly 70 British subjects perishing along with those from 76 other nations.

The people perhaps most championed by the representative from the State of Minnesota, the Palestinians, cheered publicly in the streets as all this happened.  Meanwhile Americans tempered their inner rage against this barbaric slaughter with tremendous care, compassion, and civility toward their fellow neighbors of all religions.

Since that day NYPD officers, FDNY members, other first responders, New York City residents, and American service members still die.  Elder 9/11 parents are dying regularly without having seen justice served due to the defense attorneys in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Other Americans are stationed away for months or even years from their families to combat this evil.


The aforementioned evil is the kind of evil that FBI agent John O’Neil warned us about for years, very often to the annoyance of his superiors, before he too was killed by Omar’s “people” on September 11, 2001.

Anti-American, Anti-Semitic, Pro-BDS comments from Omar are apparently not enough for Nancy Pelosi.   Maybe Omar’s downplaying 9/11 will move the Speaker to take action before the Democrat Party continues its slide into irrelevancy.

Maybe in terms the Democrat leadership understands better, some people need to do something.

*Views expressed in this article are those of the author and not any government agency.

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