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AP Photo/Rick Bowmer

Every day in this country, desperate parents are being lied to, manipulated, and exploited in the name of radical ideology. They are routinely told that if they don't "affirm their child's new gender," they'll be aiding and abetting in their imminent suicide. 

"You can have a living son or a dead daughter," they're callously told by professional educators, social workers, and quack doctors. 

It's an effective weapon. Confused and terrified parents gladly go along with the gender agenda and use new pronouns and names for their children in a desperate attempt just to keep them alive. 

Those parents who do not conform to the emotional blackmail are tagged as child abusers by the professional educator class who move to keep the child's intimate, sexual secrets private from their parents. 

Let me repeat that one more time. 

Professional teachers (government workers) are keeping private, intimate secrets of a sexual nature with children as young as eight-years-old from their parents. 

If a third-grade teacher drove to a city playground in an unmarked van and offered to keep sexual secrets with a child playing on the swing set, they'd be arrested as the child predators they clearly are. But if they make the same offer in a classroom, they're eligible for humanitarian of the year awards from the National Education Association. 

It's clearly creepy, predatory, and disturbing that adults in government school systems demand this kind of intimacy with our children. BEHIND THEIR PARENTS' BACKS. But, as we've recently learned from testimony in the Virginia House of Delegates, it's also incredibly dangerous. 

A bill making its way through the Education Committee in Richmond, "Sage's Bill," would make it illegal for a government school to keep gender and sex-related secrets from parents. The inspiration for the bill is the tragic events that happened to "Sage" when her school system did just that. 

Michele, Sage's grandmother and the woman who raised her from infancy, testified before the Education Committee. Her last name is withheld to protect Sage's privacy. 

"She started a public high school, and she told me that all the girls there were bi, trans, lesbian, emo, and she wanted to wear boys' clothes and be emo. Because I saw it as just a phase, it was fine with me. But at school, she told them something different; she was now a boy named Draco with male pronouns. Sage asked the school not to tell me, and they did not tell me." 

(Watch Michelle's testimony and my interview with advocates on behalf of parents' rights from O'Connor Tonight on Salem News Channel below.)

After agreeing to keep Sage's secret, the school was incapable of informing her grandmother about serious issues that happened to her in the intervening weeks. 

"No one told me, but boys followed her, touched her, threatened violence and rape. Something happened in the boy's bathroom, but for two days, the school told me nothing. They kept meeting with Sage alone, and she became so distraught they called me to pick her up." 

"She'd been jacked up against the wall by a group of boys; she was crying, terrified. I said just stay home; we'll figure it out," Michele said. "That was my last conversation with Sage for five months. The night she ran, she went with a young friend she met online. She left a note saying she was scared of what would happen if she stayed." 

You see, by keeping Sage's gender transition secret, the school was now forced to keep the fact that Sage was being bullied, harassed, and even assaulted from her grandmother, too. 

How would that phone call go? "You need to come and get Sage. She was assaulted in the boy's bathroom." 

"Oh my God! Wait... what was she doing in the boys' bathroom?" 

"Oh... never mind. Forget we ever called. Wrong number... WRONG NUMBER!" 

So, one promise to keep her gender identity a secret led to more withholding of the truth and outright lies about serious bullying and physical assaults. The domino effect was devastating. 

Because the school administrators and professional educators determined they were more qualified to decide what was best for Sage – more qualified than the mother who had raised her from birth – they put in motion a series of deceptions and tragedies that led to Sage being sex trafficked across multiple state lines, physically assaulted and gang raped. 

Gender affirmation zealots scream that children will die if parents don't go along with pronouns and puberty blockers. They justify keeping their little sex secrets with our kids from us by claiming they're "saving them" from abusive parents. And all the while, those secrets further separate parents from their troubled children and lead to more isolation, danger, and tragedy. 


"Sage says she doesn't know who she was back then. She wasn't a boy; she just wanted to have friends," Michele concluded. "Let parents do our jobs, we know our children best, and we love them a million times more." 


Oh, by the way, Sage is now identifying as the woman she was born to be. She just needed to be separated from her abusive government school and receive the love and nurturing only a mother can provide. 


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