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Screenshot via SFPD Bodycam

Apologize for what? 

"My gosh, I was always telling fake stories about wolves and calling the people I was telling them to 'racists,' and then some wolves really have shown up, and none of those racists believe me!" 


So, the authorities finally got around to releasing the 911 call and bodycam footage from the Paul Pelosi hammer imbroglio, and now the left is demanding an apology from everyone who refused to accept the regime's twisted, Swiss-cheese narrative about the whole attack. While there are still unanswered questions – which no one would be asking if the regime media had not tried to blame conservatives for the actions of the Berkely nudist – the cop body cam footage appears to show a nut and his victim and not much more. Yeah, there was a lot of speculation early on about what really happened, partly from the fact that the stories being pushed by the regime were contradictory or incomplete or just bizarre, but mostly because we have been lied to so often that the regime no longer gets the benefit of the doubt. Some guy walks into the house of the woman who was third in line to the presidency and whacks her hubby on the skull? Sure, it's San Francisco, but that's weird, even for Hobo City.

Not that the speculation people engaged in was utterly insane. After all, once or twice dudes have gotten together for some sexy antics while the wife was away in the City by the Bay. Occasionally, people have partaken of controlled substances in Frisco. And Paul Pelosi has been known to enjoy the occasional snifter of port. So, in the absence of answers and a tsunami of stories that do not make sense, yeah, people are going to fill in the blanks, and it might not be pretty. 


Mad about it? 

Too bad. 

The only rational response from regular people when faced with some bizarre tale about one of our putative betters is to reject anything the elite tries to tell us. All we get from it are lies. 

The Hunter laptop. 

Russian collusion. 

MAGA extremists. 

Normal people who own guns have blood on their hands. 

You are racist. 

You are sexist. 

You are transphobic. 

You are racist again. 

Everything that comes out of the filthy pieholes of these jerks is a lie and a scam, and yet we're supposed to not only trust their (everchanging and utterly insane) story du jour and – and the "and" is important – we are not only supposed to blindly believe but to also accept our own personal complicity in this whole John Henry scenario. Yes, this was on us, they insisted. As the real story was being obscured, the left was actively promoting the "This was some sort of MAGA, right-wing, Jesus, gun-conservative, Republican, NRA guy" narrative. In other words, the left was engaged in actively lying about the provenance of the mutant illegal alien who their perverted petri dish of Bay Area social pathologies created. 

Are you dirtbags going to apologize to us? 


Then you best not hold your breath waiting for us to say, "Oops, sorry." 

We're not sorry. The regime brought this on itself, not only through its track record of lies but its total refusal to hold leftists or leftist-adjacent family members accountable for their actions. People believed the worst about the regime because the regime is the worst. 


If their story – and again, it was not just one story but a bunch of different versions of this sordid tale – was true, true-ish, or even true-curious, then that's the first time in years that something they have told us was not outright bullSchiff. 

But it appears that maybe, to the extent that their story was that some guy broke in and attacked the guy with a hammer for no good reason and that there were no erotic or dope-fueled tangents involved, they were generally right about that part. But they were also consciously lying by blaming us for it at the same time, and yet we were supposed to defer to them. We were supposed to take their word that this guy was an innocent victim. 


Not happening. 

No, you lost your benefit-of-the-doubt privileges. 

There are consequences that come from lying to us all the time, and this situation casts a spotlight on them. You cannot lie to us and expect us to choose to buy the story that you prefer. No, the void that honesty and trust used to fill now gets filled with something else. In this case, the speculation that this was a close encounter of the kinky kind. 

Now they want apologies? 

For what? 

For not believing them? 

We're not sorry about that. Not believing them is standard operating procedure. It is the only rational and reasonable response to an elite and its toadies fibbing to us about anything and everything. They want our trust? No. They shattered that with their figurative mallet every time they lied to us for short-term advantage. Remember 50 national security pros insisting that Hunter's laptop is Russian disinformation? Well, we do. 


They want an apology from us for not believing them? I hope they're not driving because they must be hammered. 

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