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If you had “President * uses the FBI to go retaliate against the regime’s enemies” on your bingo card, congratulations. Last weekend, the FBI – stuck at the bottom of its credibility hole yet tirelessly diggin’ away – raided journalist James O’Keefe of Project Veritas looking for Ashley Biden’s diary. Apparently, the part about “showers” made this No. 1 with a government bullet on their suppression hit parade. I write novels about blue America turning into a left/fascist nightmare hellscape, and this makes my life easier – for Book VII, I’m just going to read the news and take notes.

The real problem with “whataboutism” is not that it is somehow immoral to point out the hypocrisy of our leftist enemies (remember, this term only applies to us accurately reciting what these degenerates have done). It’s that the concept has gotten boring and exhausting because the ruling class’s hypocrisy is so comprehensive.

“Raiding Journalists Who Oppose The Regime Is A Good Thing,” advise Regime Journalists

You need to understand something about mainstream media hacks. They are not “reporters” or “journalists” in the way you believe you are using the term. They are licensed, committed regime functionaries whose entire job – which they eagerly perform for head pats and Pulitzers – is to uphold and defend the ruling class narrative.

Oh, and the FBI is the cop equivalent. Please, tell me more about how it’s just a few bad apples.

The media conspired to hide the corruption of Grandpa Badfinger when Hoover Biden lost his laptop. Now they are mobilizing government guys with guns to squelch the shower shenanigans of Bad Pappy. This raises two questions – how fascist are they going to go, and what is it with this family and their inability to not keep losing their stuff?

The answer to the first is “All the way.” You think there’s a line, and you are wrong. There’s no line. They will arrest people. They will prosecute people. And if you think they will not kill people, my question to you is why you would give them the benefit of the doubt?

Ashli Babbitt. Just saying.

This is bad, really bad, and the stupidest ruling class in the history of ruling classes is at the helm at a time when decisions are going to have to be made about the future of this country. Do you think these guys are capable of making any choice that does not gratify their ultra-short-term desires, even when the alternative might promote long-term stability for our society? People talk about civil war, but if we ever end up in that nightmare scenario it will undoubtedly be because, when we needed our elite to be smart, sensible, and self-sacrificing, they instead reverted to character. And if you think they will act in any manner but the worst possible way, you must have found Hunter’s lost stash box.

Expect a knock on your door from the G-men.

Whataboutism Fatigue

The Diarygate Palmer Raids practically beg us to ask, “What if it was a Trump kid’s diary?” If Ivanka scribbled in her dream journal about how Donald plopped into the tub with her, we’d be seeing 24/7, all-soft-girlish-hands-on-deck coverage. Brian Stelter, who is a potato, would be all over it like it was a glistening ham. Of course, what we saw was, like with Bidenette’s junkie half-bro, a total blackout.

And think of the high-pitched whining if the FBI had pounded on the door of some pinko journalist who was investigating a story about perversions at Mar-a-Lago. Can you even begin to imagine the wailing, how it was a right-wing “attack on our Democracy” and all that? But now, the mainstream media is almost as excited about the G-Men raiding Project Veritas as Jeffrey Toobin is for his next Zoom call.

Yeah, it’s a perfect storm for “whataboutism,” that phenomenon where we point out how libs are full of Schiff for doing exactly what they falsely accuse us of doing, while the libs and the Conservative, Inc., Ahoy Boys tell us it’s unsporting, for some unexplained reason, to point out these things.

The thing is, while “whataboutism” is a moral necessity, it is also becoming a drag. It’s exhausting, and it is losing effectiveness for two simple reasons. The first is that it is an effective tool only for those who are not yet red-pilled. You and I see this hypocrisy and we’re like, “Yeah, we pretty much expected that. Not surprised. Nope.” In the past, we could use that to shock normal into conserva-wokeness by pointing out these glaring hypocrisies and outrageous double standards. But as more and more people see this happening, fewer and fewer are stunned by it. Almost everyone knows our ruling class is garbage – this stuff just makes the rubble bounce.

There is another reason, too. “Whataboutism” is becoming less useful because our opponents literally have no shame. Pointing out someone’s hypocrisy is supposed to get them to change. Here, as we have discussed, they are all in. “Hey, you think it is terrible to arrest liberal reporters for dissenting from the regime narrative, but you think it is okay to arrest dissenting conservatives?” and they look at you like you are stupid because they absolutely think it’s a good thing to do. They want this. It’s not an aberration; it’s standard operating procedure. 

So, stop hoping to appeal to their consciences by illustrating the injustices they perpetrate. You can’t shame someone who has no shame gene. 


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