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The Media Hates You And Is Shocked That You Hate It Back

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I guess we’ll be told we’re unseemly if we giggle at the cancellation of useless stooge Don Lemon’s low-rated airport lounge video muzak, or at how the Israelis leveled the Gaza high-rise housing the AP and Al-Jazeera. Well, color us unseemly, because when the media suffers, we celebrate. 


And we’re not going to apologize for it. Half of America, at least, now cares about the media precisely as much as the media cares about us – that is, not at all. In fact, we actively wish it ill. We cheer when some trash website or paper folds. The frequent layoff announcements make us giddy. Sad journalists whining about how people on Twitter dare criticize them cause us to howl in delight.

Our contempt for them is a result of their contempt for us. And as individuals and collectively, we should do whatever we lawfully can to hasten the collapse of the mainstream media as an institution.

Harsh? Nah. 

See, the media hates us and actively sides with our enemies. It’s always amusing how these hacks do not even bother to hide their full-throated collaboration with the people who want us silenced, disenfranchised, and/or dead, yet get all huffy when we refuse to treat them as the neutral truthtellers they aren’t. The most active supporters of censorship in our culture are members of the news media itself, bar none. They cover up Democrat perfidy and invent Republican scandals. They try to police our language. They condescend to us. They dox innocent citizens. They lie all the time. They carry water for liberal leakers. They try to get our own (real) reporters, like Townhall’s Julio Rosas, killed for refusing to follow the narrative.

Yet, we’re supposed to pretend they deserve our respect and deference, that they are courageous heroes battling for truth. Pfffft. They are a joke. The media is garbage, and we must treat it as such.


Take Don Lemon, preferably far away. Apparently, the business model of catering to Blue-Anon shut-ins who wear their masks in the shower isn’t working out so well. He’s off the air as of last week – maybe he’ll come back in some form to torment people running to catch a Delta flight, but perhaps CNN is tired of getting ratings on par with the Macramé Channel and the Enlarged Prostate Network. I have some history with this human punchline – in my last appearance on CNN in December 2015, he cut my mic when I refused his command not to point out his ridiculous hypocrisy regarding Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit. He will not be missed except by his fans, both of them. 

Also, Don’s fellow licensed and registered regime advocate Brian Stelter is a potato. The tube’s #1 tuber is still on the air, for now, flacking for his masters and dodging hungry Dubliners.

Over the weekend, America cheered as the Israelis flattened the building housing the Associated Press in Gaza. This led to widespread laughter and high-fives among American patriots. And we were even happier when we later found out that the same high-rise had also housed some Hamas military HQs.

American journalists informed us this was terrible, but they never quite explained why. After all, the Gaza branch of the media is not a bunch of Middle Eastern Woodwards and Bernsteins digging up the truth and not caring whose toes they step on. They are dedicated Palestinian propaganda transcriptionists who play a central role in facilitating the terrorists’ information operations against the only free country in the region. They chose a side, and it was the other one. So, don’t ask us to care when they get treated like it.


Now, some might argue that a free society needs a crusading media to function. That’s a nice cliché, but it assumes both that we still have a free society and a crusading media. If you think we have a free society, think again. There is a war on dissent and the media is leading the charge in coordination with its tech buddies. Try posting some COVID stuff that doesn’t slavishly follow the (ever-changing) narrative. You could in a free society. Understand that the media supports the suppression of unapproved speech – they want everyone else gagged and dissenting information suppressed. They call stuff that rejects their narrative “disinformation,” as if the clowns taking dictation from Raggedy Ann McCircleback are the arbiters of objective reality.

And a crusading media? These are the same people who had a presidential nominee’s son cold taking megabucks from foreigners – including the Chi Coms – and who was blasting rails off the behinds of strippers, and they actively suppressed the story because it would hurt their preferred candidate. If it was Don Jr. instead of President Asterisk’s Snortunate Son, it would have been wall-to-wall coverage. The best part was that the same people who bought the bogus Russian pee-pee tape story whole-hog were suddenly squeamish about “Russian disinformation” that everyone knew was nothing of the sort. The media made a conscious decision to suppress perhaps the juiciest scandal in American history to help the Democrats, so please – ask us to care when bad things happen to it. Please. Ask us.


Now, you can’t personally fire Don Lemon or drop a missile from your F-15 on some building where the media is actively collaborating with America’s murderous enemies, but what can you do to hasten the destruction of the garbage media?

Number one, don’t patronize it. Don’t subscribe to enemy media outlets. Don’t watch them. Give them nothing.

Number two, never help them. When mainstream media outlets call you to get some info, refuse to help. And tell them why – because they suck. And GOP hacks, you need to rethink going on the media that hates us – I get the idea of speaking to the other side to expose them to the truth, but it won’t work. If you are effective, you’ll get diverted, distracted, or your mic will be cut off like Lemon did with me.

Number three, support GOP candidates who will cut off the special privileges the garbage media enjoys. The media now wants additional antitrust exemptions and intellectual property protections from Congress to save it from collapse. How about…no?

Number four, mock the media. There is no institution with a more inflated sense of itself than the press – that smug self-satisfaction is one of the things that helps make up for the crummy pay (though most young journalists today are rich kids whose birthing parent and daddy subsidize them). Your refusal to pretend that these oafs deserve respect causes them no end of fussy fury. So, refuse.

The media hates you. You owe it nothing. Give it nothing, except your contempt.


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