Why a Liberal Journalist Ripped his Former Publication for its Hit Piece on Conservative Reporters

Posted: May 15, 2021 10:00 AM
Why a Liberal Journalist Ripped his Former Publication for its Hit Piece on Conservative Reporters

Source: Screenshot via Fox News

It was founded as a haven for government leakers. It’s not a conservative bastion. Neither was its co-founder, Glenn Greenwald, but it called out Democrats, the political class, Republicans—everyone. A lot has changed for sure. Greenwald was forced to flee the publication he founded after its staff ran interference on a piece he did on Joe Biden, which they found to be disagreeable. Why? Well, it didn’t paint Biden in a positive light. Now, this rag has decided to divert away from being a safe space for leakers to being a typical liberal rag that goes after conservative writers for merely covering the stories they don’t want to for political reasons. Their latest piece of trash goes after our own Julio Rosas and others for—gasp—reporting on the mass riots that engulfed the nation last year. We’ve already responded, but there’s bipartisan outrage here. 

Rosas risks his safety reporting on the rioting, looting, vandalism, and other activities of the far left as they engage in a crusade of mayhem and violence to meet their political aims. The Intercept’s hit piece one could argue is invaluable regarding free media, yet the goal is sinister. To prevent the truth from being reported, they’re trying to paint a bullseye on Rosas and others in order to stop them from writing about the far left’s campaign of urban unrest. Greenwald called out his former publication saying, “The Intercept is now actively targeting two journalists of color. They have two white male reporters here putting a target on their backs for the crime of reporting on the Antifa riots. This is genuinely disgusting and dangerous.”

“They're trying to make it too dangerous for those two reporters to report on Antifa protests any longer by making them famous to Antifa activists. That's the only point of this,” he added.

Others who are self-described left-wingers even questioned the whole point of the piece. 

“I'm a left-wing Intercept supporter, but I really question the ethics of singling out these two guys for accurately recording and publicizing an activity that actually happened. It's not like they altered the video or anything. What am I missing?” said one Twitter user. 

Michael Tracey, a liberal reporter, who also traversed across the country covering protests and riots last year added “As someone who also reported on this violence, there is nothing ‘right-wing’ about documenting the destruction that was unleashed in American cities. Especially when most of the rest of the media (including the Intercept) was either ignoring it or actively obfuscating it.”

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Greenwald’s Intercept called out the corrupt media complex that peddled the Russian collusion myth and other unhinged conspiracy theories. Now, it seems the publication is just mad that a roving band of dedicated reporters who hold views they find abhorrent has become aces at knifing liberal narratives. Last years, riots were the most expensive in insurance history. It’s not like this was a secret, guys. It’s a story that deserved to be covered. The Intercept felt otherwise. 

Julio was at the border when this hit piece was published but his response was perfect: