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You’ve all seen the appalling video of the two teenage sociopaths murdering that poor Uber Eats guy. What you’ve also seen is an amazing 180-degree U-turn by our smart set, who suddenly stopped being offended by the murder of Asian-Americans the second they couldn’t blame Trump supporters for it. This is garbage, and we need to get in their mutated faces about it.

Nothing is as boring as calculated transgression. And nothing is more annoying than a noodle-spined alleged conservative pretending to be outraged about it to rile up us rubes. Lil Nas and Kristi Noem were made for each other.

I think I figured out the terrifying truth about what happened to President Asterisk’s dog.

I Was Informed That Murdering Asian-Americans Was Bad 

But to our trash establishment, it is only sometimes bad. Last weekend, a couple of teen murderers tasered a Pakistani immigrant to steal his car as he went about his Uber Eats gig in DC. You can find the heartbreaking video online if you wish – I don’t have the heart to link it. They drove off with him holding onto his car and crashed and they killed him. The highlight was one of them demonstrating concern and remorse for her victim. No wait, it was remorse and concern for her cell phone, which was still in the overturned car. 

The girls were an inconvenient color, and that’s why you heard nothing in the mainstream media about it, except for a CNN headline that called it an “accident.” Whoops. These things happen.

This is the garbage state of affairs our establishment has created, when murders are ranked on a scale of “Omigosh, we need to disarm all the seditionist conservatives” to “tumbleweeds” depending on the race of the killers. The sociopath who shot up the massage parlors was going to be the Great White Hope for making anti-Asian violence the next big thing, and the libs were furious when he messed up the narrative by declaring himself to be merely a perverted onanist who sought to destroy the sources of his grody temptations. But this victim, well, this guy was merely trying to do his job, his death is not only nothing to see but, according to some blue checks on the Twitter, it should have been actively downplayed in case it gave the right impression.

Not the wrong impression. The right one, the true one, the accurate one, the one that was not useful politically. We should not be talking about race, but they talk about nothing else. But if you start labeling crime “white supremacy,” then people are going to point out why that’s bullSchiff. 

This was not some guy in the Trump administration joking about “kung flu” and inspiring a pogrom in a town that went 95% for *. This was a lie by omission, and we need to stop lying as a society. We need to put criminals in jail and not tolerate violence by anyone. I know that being colorblind is now declared “racist” by the establishment, and I do not care. Nor should you. They have a vested interest in racial hate, because it prevents us all from seeing our common opponent – the garbage establishment. Get loud.

Satanic Lapdance Videos Are Stupid And Some Fredocons Think We Are Too

I’m too tired of transgression to be outraged by someone called “Lil Nas” putting out a video where he lapdances with Beelzebub. I guess we should be grateful he’s not in a three-way with Demogorgon. And he also made special sneakers with blood in them or something – yawn. I guess we’re all supposed to be freaked out, being the squares we are, but I’m too bored to be. I just think it’s all just stupid.

Well, Kristi Noem thinks we’re stupid too. After her total failure to actually do something about dudes in dresses crashing girls’ sports, she decided the way back into our good graces was to pose as Xena the Culture Warrior Queen and get into a Twitter tussle with whoever Lil Nas is about this dumb ploy to shock the bourgeoise. 

This is Cruise Ship Conservatism 101 – pose, pout, and preen, but never actually fight. But what’s most insulting is that she thinks we’ll be fooled.

“Gosh, she punted on signing an actual law that does something, but look at those tweets! She’s really on our side! Plus, she does ads with guns. Yah!”

Won’t work. We’re woke, both to clownish rappers trying to substitute shock for talent, and to political hacks trying to trick us into thinking they aren’t figuratively treating the liberal Chamber of Commerce like Lil Nas treated Satan.

I Figured Out Where *’s Dog Went

Okay, so Grandpa Badfinger famously had a dog and he supposedly bit someone in the *dministration and was sent back to Delaware. At least, that’s what they want us to believe…

Look, I’m definitely on the pooch’s side re: chomping the lib sissies who make up Failure, Inc. However, the pieces don’t fit. Who got bit? Did they identify as being bit? What were xer pronouns?

Also, what were the dog’s pronouns?

That’s why I don’t buy any of it – we never got the intersectional information we would expect from Spokesbeing Raggedy Jenny if this was not a cover-up.

Here’s what I think. 

I think Kamala sent a plate of homemade cookies to President * and somehow got them past Dr. Jill, who is totally a real doctor. Stumbles O’Crustyboy took one, but before stuffing it into his toothless maw, saw the dog begging for a treat and tossed it over. The dog ate it and…that’s all she barked.

Never eat nothing from the veep that has not passed the food taster.

I think the dog went to dog heaven.

This is just a theory, but all the pieces fit…

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