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You watch the freakish Rep. Jerry Nadler mouth off to AG William Barr about how those poor, hug-giving rioters of love in Portland are being cruelly provoked by that federal courthouse that racistly refuses to be burned down, and your mind generates several questions. The first is whether he somehow forgot that we’ve actually seen pictures of those enthusiastic Biden supporters destroying property and attacking cops. The next question is how someone as lumpy as The Nad ever managed to pull off his escape from Willie Wonka’s factory. Maybe he hid in a dumpster of garbage and it worked because no one noticed him nestled inside, perfectly camouflaged. 


But truth is still a thing, despite the efforts of Rep. Class Act and that witch Nancy Pelosi, who called our cops “stormtroopers” with a straight face – though in fairness to her, after all that Botox she no longer has any other kind. 

Truth exists, and we can see it thanks to alternative outlets and social media. And we still think lying is a bad thing, though our opponents disagree. To the left, truth is just a bourgeois conceit, something to be discarded as necessary in the struggle against horrible things like racism, sexism, transphobia, colonialization, and Democrats not being in power. It’s optional. And the left is opting out.

All this baloney happens to jibe with the theme of my new book, The 21 Biggest Lies About Donald Trump (and You!), which is that liberal liars (along with their cackling, flaccid Never Trump Renfields) are either remarkably stupid or think you are remarkably stupid. Perhaps it’s a bit of both. 

The kind of lies told by the Speaker of the House and the Oompa Loompa of the House are central to the success of the rioters. Remember that all this disorder is an information operation designed to make us normal people think that chaos is descending upon America and that Donald Trump will be unable to protect us when these barbarians issue from the cities like Sauron’s hordes from Mordor and march on our suburban and rural homes. The unspoken deal they offer is that if we only elect the gropey old weirdo who lives in a basement then all this trouble will magically stop and, as a bonus, the Bat Soup Flu will be cured. The Democrat denial of the lies right in front of us is a key component of their information operation strategy.


The media tries to help disguise what is actually happening, not just in terms of blaming Trump, but in terms of covering up the essential insignificance of the chaos they are trying to generate. It’s not like people are going to buy the notion that these toxic Portland layabouts were just minding their own business being productive members of society when the courthouse rolled up on them and dumped out a bunch of federal officers who forced these honor students and Eagle Scouts into helmets, gave them shields, lasers, and Molotov cocktails, and compelled them, against their will, to try to torch the place. 

The media keeps trying to make various narrative fetches happen, but it’s not happening. The “peaceful protestor” thing is just stupid. As for the “Wall of Moms,” a hackneyed bit of performance art that might fool dim bulbs like the flatulent Eric Swalwell but no one else, it’s unclear whether those hefty harpies even identify themselves as women. Oh, wait, in their bizarro universe men can be moms too. As for the “Wall of Vets,” those of us who are actual vets identify them as Blue Falcons.

While blaming Trump for what is manifestly the fault of these Democrat catspaws is important to the op, what is also vital to their poisonous scheme is convincing you that this is a movement of mass and not of bowel. There simply are not that many people rioting. They only manage to round up a few hundred cretins a night in Portland, but if you dive below the surface you see that this fight is an idiot magnet for losers across the country. This is a nation of 330 million people, and maybe 2,000 are involved in the violence the mainstream media shows every night (albeit in a sanitized and curated form designed to convey the official narrative).


That’s nothing. It is tactically insignificant, and if Portland and these other Democrat cities’ mayors and district attorneys would stop flying top cover for the criminals, the police would pop this progressive protest pimple with about 15 minutes of riot cop TLC. 

The thing you need to know is that they are not coming for you en masse. That’s the big lie. Why not? Besides the fact that they lack numbers, once they hit the big blue ‘burgs’ city limits their cover is gone. Is your police department going to roll over? How about your DA? This garbage may play to the activists who actually vote in the cities, but we all vote in the suburbs and rural areas and we are not defunding nothing. Our pols generally realize that if they lose control, they lose their job. When those creatures slither into our communities, it’s stick time.

And that’s not even accounting for all the Second Amendment enthusiasts in the hinterlands.

Let the garbage cities burn. Let the idiots who voted for chaos enjoy it. If they refuse to learn the easy way, let them learn the hard way. Pain is a better teacher than a million man-bunned TAs instructing Goucher College sophomores about 14th Century transgender poetry of Eritrea.

And another thing – while we are already woke, lots of people who don’t dog paddle through the political cesspool every day like many of us do are watching this unfold and they are getting angry. How many folks have you talked to who were apolitical or even Democrat-curious who now whisper to you that we have got to reelect the president? I had one just yesterday, and I’m in Ted Lieu’s district. Think of how much more prevalent that phenomenon is out in America.


Let that congressional Weeble Nadler lie. Let them all lie. It’s a loser’s game. The truth is right there, and people are getting woke. Then put your own wokeness to work. For example, support Army combat vet Sean Parnell in his run against a Pelosi puppet in Pennsylvania-17. Because if we don’t win in November, then all there will be left are lies.

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