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So, that whole Carter Page FISA warrant thing really went well for the Russia/Trump/Treason/Emoluments Clause Crew – not. The FISA warrant’s probable cause consisted of the urinary dossier which led to Yahoo News stories and back to the urinary dossier in a perfect circle of hackery. It was less probable cause than probable fraud. Basically, the libs backed themselves into defending the notion that it’s cool to use the intelligence community to spy on rivals because of course they should be able to use the intelligence community to spy on rivals because Trump is literally Hitler. As was Romney, and McCain, and all the Bushes, and as will be every Republican presidential aspirant in the future regardless of what he has binders full of. Sounds legit. No wonder those of us who keep saying, “Buy guns and ammunition because the citizenry needs to have a counter-balance to a corrupt establishment’s monopoly on force in society” are now saying, “See, we toldja so.” But that dumb hill is only the latest dumb hill the Never Trump goofs have chosen to die on.


It’s like Groundhog Day with them – every morning they wake up fussy and failing, then every night they go to bed, alone with all their friends, having pushed the latest TRUMP DID THE WORST THING EVER meme only to wake up fussy and failing in the same Trumpian hell again the next morning. Except instead of being funny, they are sad. And instead of waking up to Sonny & Cher crooning “I Got You Babe,” they wake up to Beck singing “Loser.” And it’s dedicated to them.

Look on the bright side, Never Trumpers. Your inability to sell cruises all ends in January 2025. I mean, unless Don Junior wants to take a pay cut.

Ouch. That seems to have made you sad. Maybe another Zima will wash away the pain.

Here’s the reality. In 2016, Normal Americans rebelled against an establishment composed of liberal fascists in government and a hateful cultural elite, as well as their allegedly conservative kept boys who placed their personal positions and prosperity above the people’s interests. As my upcoming book Militant Normals: How Regular Americans Are Rebelling Against the Elite to Reclaim Our Democracy recounts, in the kind of clear, unrestrained prose that goes hand-in-hand with not having to be FCC-language compliant, how the rise of Donald Trump was the inevitable result of a cultural war where our side was desperate for a fighter who would actually take up our banner and win. Remember how Abe Lincoln had to prune the deadwood in the Union Army before he could find a general to lead the fight against the Democrats the last time they tried to win a civil war? Like Ulysses S. Grant, Donald Trump is imperfect, but he fights and he wins.


Remember Trump’s Apocalypse Helsinki? Me neither. What, wasn’t that like a long time ago, you know, around 1 B.S. – Before Stormy? I can’t seem to keep all the things that were finally going to do in Trump straight.

Instead, his tally of wins just keeps growing. Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit is stumbling about her empty mansion in her sexy mumus, tripping over her empty Crown Royal bottles and her broken dreams. The economy is revving up. ISIS is revving down, and the Iraqis are hanging the few dirtbags we bothered capturing. Deregulation is in effect, while gun control isn’t.

On and on goes the list. At this point, Billy Joel could even turn it into one of his terrible songs:

Mueller can’t get evidence to impeach,

The Dem’s Blue Wave falls out of reach,

Paris Accords go down the drain,

Unleashed ICE deals the pain,

SCOTUS, Keystone, a big tax cut,

#MeToo bites Hollywood on the butt,

We’ll never tire of winning

You get the idea, and if you don’t, go ask your dad who Billy Joel is. (Spoiler: His music was the inspiration for The Handmaid’s Tale).

Donald Trump was incorrect when he promised that we would get tired of all the winning – well, not really incorrect since he was joking. No, we are not tiring of winning. Not even close. Trump, unlike those foes he has vanquished, actually understands Americans. He knows we won’t ever tire of winning because Americans consider winning to be our natural state.


That fact, as Militant Normals viciously and profanely argues, highlights the great difference between American Normals and the elite that seeks to govern them. Normal Americans expect to win – they demand it, because winning is what Americans do. We believe, deeply, that we are better than every other nation and culture on earth, largely based upon the fact that we are. American exceptionalism is the core of our identity. If you ain’t American, you ain’t Adam Schiff.

This is not braggadocio or delusion. We are right to believe it because it is objectively true. Living abroad confirms it, and many of us Normals have spent years abroad, mostly in uniform, cleaning up foreigners’ messes.

But our elites, the snooty people who are supposed to be taking care of our institutions and making them work smoothly for everyone else (in return for prestige, power, and material renumeration) no longer believe in American exceptionalism. This is largely the fault of academia, which the elite controls, training future elitists that their own countrymen suck and that their loyalty should be to an unelected transnational class of like-minded snobs with glowing credentials but no track record of success in actually accomplishing the basic tasks that elites are supposed to accomplish.


And when the society the elite has so woefully mismanaged predictably manifests problems, they don’t look in the mirror and say, “Whoa, we’re screwing up. We had better do a deep personal inventory to correct our shortcomings.” No, they blame the very people on whose behalf they are supposed to be running things. The elite can’t possibly be at fault; it’s got to be that America is flawed. And therefore, losing should be our natural state, because Americans are undeserving of winning.

Yeah, no.

Pay attention, elites. We have considered your kind offer of decline and failure and we have rejected it. Our counteroffer is that we shall continue winning. This is non-negotiable.

See, we Normal Americans like winning, so we’re going to keep on winning. And anyone who doesn’t like it can always try to bring the losing again tomorrow.

Good luck with that.

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