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The Democrats are having a major case of the sadz, and it’s hilarious. Their generic lead in the midterms ballot has evaporated. After the Iran and North Korea triumphs, Obama’s legacy is just a smoking ruin of broken dreams and corrected failures. And Stormy Daniels’s cheesy reign on CNMSNBC has morphed into a rain of singles from leering weirdos at creepy places with names like “The Treasure Chest” and “Reliable Sources.”


So what do the liberals do when they are losing the all the big fights? They try to score points by taking some conservative scalps, which should thrill Elizabeth Warren. But they only end up biting at conservatives’ ankles.

They are targeting the great Ric Grenell, our new, conservative ambassador to Germany, because he dares represent the United States’ interests. See, liberals are confused about what a United States diplomat should do. They think the American ambassador’s job is to please the foreigners with whom he is assigned to interface. This is consistent with liberals’ default position that the United States is always wrong and its critics are always right. But here’s the thing - President Trump, and Ambassador Grenell, understand that the job of an American diplomat is to represent American interests.

Whoa. Kooky, right?

So Ric gets to Berlin after the Democrats fail to stop him from being confirmed and the Washington Post and the rest of the America Last caucus in the press and in the foreign policy establishment immediately shift from the “Ric hates women” (see, he’s gay, and liberals think that’s means he hates girls) to “This cruel brute has offended his gentle hosts!”

Want to know what Ric did? In a much more urbane, diplomatic way, he essentially told the Krauts to stop playing footsie with the freaking mullahs. Yeah, he was all up in their pilsner-swilling faces telling them the diplomatic equivalent of “Yo Fritz, cavorting with dudes talking about killing all the Jews is a bad look for you and you need to stop” - which is exactly what they needed to hear. And surprise - it’s exactly what they did.


Look, I was stationed in Stuttgart in the Cold War, back before Democrats discovered that are Russians are bad. I was the first Schlichter to live in Germany in more than 250 years, my family having been kicked out by popular demand. And I worked closely with the Germans then and after. You need to handle them with a whip and a chair. Ric wasn’t nasty or crude - he was clear, and what America’s State Department desperately needs is to learn about the power of clarity. Message: You can’t be pals with Uncle Sam and these Jew-hating Seventh Century freaks - pick one, Horst.

Naturally, this outrageous advocacy of American policy offended…all the right people. They needed offending. And just wait until those schnitzel-gobbling freeloaders hear that we expect them to up their NATO spending and start pulling their Putin-punching weight.

Then there is EPA Director Scott Pruitt, whose sin was being smart and effective - sensing a theme? He was doing things like allowing coal to exist (along with jobs for the coal miners, who the weird weather cultists in San Francisco were perfectly happy to consign to poverty as a sacrifice to appease their cruel climate gods). Suddenly, mysteriously, a coordinated media campaign appeared out of nowhere accusing him of petty corruption. It was total baloney, but the idea was not to take him out with the truth. It was to take him out with innuendo and lies, to “raise questions.” Funny how these (stupid) questions coincided with his uprooting of the economy-crushing enviro nonsense the Obama regime had tried to impose upon us.


Then there was alleged dust-up between the president and the Secretary of Homeland Security and Outrageously Stereotyped Scandinavian Names, Kirstjen Nielsen. Apparently, according to some anonymous source, POTUS was potused-off at her because illegal aliens are swarming over the border and she was so sad she was totally gonna resign because he was so mean but she didn’t. Let’s break this down.

Assume it’s true, which it probably isn’t. After all, our media is a garbage institution and their spews should be presumptively stuck in the fiction section next to the quality fiction of Matthew Betley, who at least intends to be fiction (My awesome novels about America split between red and blue and the resulting conflict should probably be moved into the nonfiction section along side my next book coming out in October). So, let’s assume the reports are true. So what? Isn’t holding subordinates to a standard exactly what a chief executive should be doing?

If she is failing to perform to standard (and I emphasize that there is no compelling evidence that this is so) then why shouldn’t the president be unhappy? Is there still some special rule protecting political bigwigs from accountability? I thought that rule ended about January 20, 2017. And if she can’t perform, and can’t handle it when some one calls her on it (again, I don’t buy the story at all), then shouldn’t she be replaced?


So many ankles, so many bites. But fortunately we don’t have a President Jeb! who actually cares what the lying media and the weaselstablishment think. Trump supports his performers and ruthlessly culls the non-hackers. Have you noticed that whenever he fires people for being useless the media and establishment wet themselves?

And then there is the case of Kelly Sadler, the White House political advisor who the mob is seeking to decapitate for the fake sin of telling the truth in private in the course and scope of her job duties.

John McCain is dying. That is not in dispute. I had plenty of beefs with him when he was well, and now my thoughts are with his family. I choose to forget my anger and remember his service. Others are not forgiving, and that’s between them and the senator. The consequence of being a maverick who steps on people’s toes is that sometimes people stay angry about their stomped piggies. For my part, I hope he finds peace and that his family is comforted during this difficult time (and I think the people trying to score petty points in his name are doing him a disservice. Stop it.).

But none of this relates to Kelly Sadler. Her job is to analyze the political situation based on the facts, and the fact that the senior senator for Arizona is passing away is hugely relevant to the issue at hand, the controversial nomination of a new CIA director, which McCain opposes. In a closed meeting where the family was not present and the media not invited, she told the truth - he is dying and his opposition is unlikely to derail the nomination. But some jerk decided to leak this private brainstorming to the press - that person is a dirtbag and needs to be fired.


The family was outraged, and I will not fault them. They are grieving. But a bunch of other people - many of whom called McCain a ‘Nazi” and a “racist” and all the rest of the usual slanders back in 2008 - pretended that this statement of fact was somehow outrageous. It was not. It was her job, and she did it behind closed doors where speaking harsh truths is not only necessary but laudable. She was under no obligation to qualify her statements or be sensitive in private chats; her job was to analyze the political situation and McCain’s condition was one of the key facts. She chose to apologize - I would not have - but, of course, the liberals and the Fredocons still demand her as a sacrifice to their fake fussy outrage.

I don’t think the president will indulge them here either, and he shouldn’t. He knows trying to appease his enemies is a sucker’s game - they care nothing about McCain or his family, only about recovering the power we militant Normals stripped from them when we rejected their decades of misrule back in November 2016.

Give them nothing. Not a head, not a scalp, not even an ankle to sink their tiny teeth into.

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