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“My fellow Americans, as I take your oath of office to be your 46th President, let it be known to our enemies, both foreign and domestic, that January 20, 2021, marks a new beginning for the United States of America!


The Tea Party was a polite request for fairness and respect, but the elite and its media lapdogs spat on you.

Donald Trump’s movement was an impolite request for fairness and respect, but the elite and their media lapdogs spat on your and, as we now know, rigged Hillary Clinton’s election.

Today, we are no longer requesting anything. We are demanding fairness and respect, and we will have it … by any means necessary!

For too long, the elites looked down on us even as they stole our labor and our heritage to enrich themselves. For too long, they hid behind laws that apply only to us and not to them, behind a media that lied to us to protect them, behind an economic system that stole from us to protect them. That ends today!

Enemies of the people and their lapdogs in the media, it is time for you to be held accountable!

They speak of the Constitution, but your will is my constitution! Your needs are my Bill of Rights! Under my rule, your voice will be America’s voice!

You do not see Hillary Clinton here on stage with me. She has slinked away out of town, defeated, leaving the corruption and economic wreckage of her illegitimate regime behind. Scandals, economic ruin and military humiliation – these are her legacy. Barack Obama may have pardoned her for her crimes, and she may have pardoned him in return, but I promise you that they and everyone else who has betrayed you will pay the price!

Our economy is in shambles. Immigrants steal Americans’ jobs here, while Hillary’s Wall Street cronies get rich shipping the jobs the aliens haven’t stolen yet to foreigners overseas. You know they are scared of you because they spent a billion dollars trying to help her steal this election! Their economic treason stops today, and these economic criminals will face our justice!


Chaos rules our streets. Hillary did nothing to stop the war on our cops, the radical Muslim massacres, and the explosion of violent crime except to pass unconstitutional laws to disarm you. With the help of a Supreme Court that ignored our rights, she turned millions of you into criminals while leaving you to be raped and murdered at the hands of people whose votes she wanted. But I promised you I will protect you, you real Americans, and I will! The days of the cop-hating organizations that Hillary tolerated are over – they have no right to support targeting our police! The days of radical Muslims infiltrating our country are over. We will bar the door to potential terrorists and root them out! And we will reverse the thug-hugging policies Hillary used to steal votes.

We have seen government officials on the media saying they will refuse to take these necessary actions. Then they will go. Likewise, the Obama/Clinton generals who refuse to do whatever it takes to win will be gone. The gloves will come off. Your sons and daughters, who do the fighting while the elite’s children hide in their college safe spaces, will never again be sent to die in another elitist, neocon war. If we must fight, I will do whatever it takes to win. The elite calls that strategy “torture” or “war crimes,” but it really means that your sons and daughters won’t die because of the elite’s precious feelings.

Let the politicians in Congress know that I expect them to cooperate, because my policies are your policies, and you will be heard! The media says I want to be a dictator, but they said that about Bush, McCain, Romney and Trump too. What I will be is your voice! The people want a strong leader, and I warn the politicians that you defy the people’s will at your peril.


The mainstream media is the enemy of the American people, lying to protect their elite friends instead of representing your truth. Freedom of speech and of the press are not the freedom to lie! When that anchorwoman who lied about me was shot dead, they sought to blame us. But they should blame themselves. They took sides against the people, and their lies turned the people against them. I am warning the media and to those social media companies who were so biased and unfair to us during the campaign – be careful about what you say because you too will be held accountable, if not by my administration then by the people themselves!

During the campaign, the media cried over our American Corps, calling an organization we built to protect ourselves from the attacks of Hillary’s agitators and activists an armed “militia” or “stormtroopers.” These are lies. The elite hates the fact that the American Corps cannot be corrupted and turned against us because it is us! When our brave fighters had to use force to protect our people during the campaign, the media whined. We just followed Obama’s advice; when they brought a knife, we brought our guns! And now we will grow the American Corps to protect our movement against our internal enemies!

Yes, todaymarks a new beginning for the United States of America, but one that the ruling class made inevitable. The elite ignored you when you politely asked that they listen. It ignored you and stole the election for Hillary Clinton when you were not so polite. But we are done being polite. The rigged game ends today! The ruling class had its chance, and it chose to double down on power, corruption, and lies. It looked down on us, but now the tables have turned and we are going to see that those who wronged us pay the price!”


Author's note: This is a very stupid time to be alive, with said stupidity being at times unintentional and other times willful. It goes without saying, at least to the unstupid, that this hypothetical inauguration speech is not wishful thinking but, rather, a warning of what could come should the ruling class continue to at best ignore or actively oppress a large chunk of the citizenry. And you can tell the willfully stupid commenters by whether they ignore this note.

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