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Ron Fournier is a liar.

On June 20, 2016, this mainstream media maven tweeted, “Guns don't kill people. The gun lobby does.

This is a lie.

Sen. Chris Murphy, Democrat of Connecticut, is also a liar.


On June 20, 2016, after voting against Sen. John Cornyn’s bill to bar persons on terrorist watch lists from buying weapons because it contained due process protections for such people, he said, “We’ve got to make this clear, constant case that Republicans have decided to sell weapons to ISIS.

This is also a lie.

These men are liars. And liberals have chosen to celebrate their lies.

Now, it is generally good policy to attribute false statements to stupidity instead of malice. It is very easy to unintentionally say something that is untrue, whether because of haste, ignorance, or a simple brain-mouth discombobulation. But standard issue stupidity does not explain these statements. They are simply too transcendently false to be mere error. In fact, as Murphy admits, they are deliberate attempts to achieve a political result that liberals cannot achieve through honesty.

They are lies. Conscious, deliberate lies offered not by some random idiot on the street but the senior political columnist at National Journal and by a sitting United States senator. Their provenance as planned prevarications is beyond debate. As a matter of objective reality, the “gun lobby” has never killed anyone. It has never murdered even 1/49th the number of people the adherent of the radical branch of The Religion That Must Not Be Named did in one night in Orlando. Nor have the Senate Republicans ever decided to sell a single weapon to ISIS. We normal people have a word for such inaccurate statements made knowing they are inaccurate. That word is “lie.”


But liberals don’t feel compelled to respect the restrictive limitations of objective truth. It gets in the way of their pursuit of the higher truth, the truth they somehow know to be true even if all the evidence points elsewhere. Shockingly, that higher truth always corresponds exactly to their preferred policy preferences. In other words, as between values, liberals subordinate truth to power.

In this way, they manufacture the justification for statements like these – that they are fake but accurate.

And because their objective veracity is irrelevant, these statements are never intended to convey actual information, to enlighten or teach or allow others who might disagree to learn and then possibly change their views if convinced by the power of the evidence. A series of such statements is called an “argument.” But these lies are not part of any argument. They are rhetorical bludgeons deployed in tandem by mainstream media hacks and their Democrat politician pals to force a result liberals cannot obtain through honest argument.

They are also the result of frustration and anger at the willful disobedience of us lesser men who refuse to submit to the will of our liberal betters. Fournier, Murphy, and the elite whose pond they swim in issued a decree, yet the peasants dared to ignore them. We peasants defied them. We peasants refused to submit to the humiliation of surrendering to these elites our final check on their power, our ultimate veto against the elite’s ever-expanding program of cultural and political domination.


We refused to disarm though commanded to do so, and for that rebuke the elite can never forgive us.

Liberals had been on a pretty good run overturning the values and the preferences of the peasants, the flyover people who they look down upon. But despite having backed us into a corner, the elite cannot overcome the one last redoubt that keeps us uppity normals from total subjugation. And that resistance is the source of their hate; when you see liberals frothing at the NRA, what you really see is them unhinged and furious at the defiance of the NRA’s millions of members and many more supporters.

So they lie. And they lie because they feel that lying is justified because not to lie means not to be able to seize that one last little fortress of freedom we normals still hold, the Second Amendment’s right to keep and bear arms. And until the elites capture that, their victory will never be complete. So they hate us.

And their hate twists them. Ron Fournier recently wrote a well-received book about his relationship with his special needs son. It’s inconceivable that Fournier would ever sit down with his son and say, “Son, if someone denies you the power you really, really want, it’s okay to utter the most horrible lies about them, even to call them murderers, if it helps you obtain what you want.” But that’s what he is teaching his son by his actions. And he should be ashamed of himself.


Once a man negotiates his release from any moral constraints with his own conscience, the only constraint left is imposed by his peers. The observations of us normals about the utter moral bankruptcy of Fournier and Murphy are irrelevant – remember, we’re beyond the pale of civilized discourse. So the only potential bulwark left against this scorched earth incivility is other liberals. But who among their peers has stood up and said, “Wait. We disagree, passionately, that Second Amendment supporters did not murder those people and our political opponents are not selling guns to ISIS. To say those things is worse than unconstructive; it is to lie, and we are better than that.”

But liberals are not better than that, because none of them have had the moral courage to say anything like that.

So how do they expect us, free, normal Americans who refuse to bow to our Manhattan masters, to react? Are we supposed to be ashamed? Chastened? “Oh, no, the liberals are really, really upset this time – we better gather all of our scary-looking rifles and go turn them in to the nearest Democrat!”

Are we supposed to disarm ourselves forever because people who revile us and think nothing of slandering us in order to gain power over us want us to do so? Their behavior is not a confidence builder about a liberal future where our liberty is preserved without all those firearms in our homes. “Hey, we’ll stop hating you as soon as you can’t do anything about us hating you,” seems a pretty unappetizing proposition.


Of course, the unspoken reality of gun control is that the elite will only gain control of our guns if we give it to them. They can’t take control of our guns – there simply aren’t enough of them with the training and the willingness to kill or be killed to force us to disarm. Neither Fournier nor Murphy nor anyone from Everytown will ever don Kevlar, lock and load, and roll into Texas with the idea of separating Lone Star patriots from their firearms.

No, their only weapons are their words, and their words are lies. Because lying is all that these liars can do.

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