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Pro-Lifers, This Is Our Time

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No other election in recent history has been as divisive as this 2016 presidential cycle, especially in the pro-life movement as long-time friends spat at and “unfriended” each other on Facebook while debating the best way to advance our agenda of ending abortion. But pro-lifers can certainly celebrate this morning that Planned Parenthood’s grip of death has been released from the White House. Come January, their influence will be gone. We can rejoice that millions of lives will be saved in the next four years instead of lost.


Now we must move forward united with an aggressive agenda to create a culture of life, to demonstrate what it means to love women more and hold President-Elect Trump to the many promises he made to the pro-life movement.

So much has changed in this world since the country last had a pro-life president. Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion vendor, has been exposed for the criminal enterprise that they are. Abortion advocates have outed themselves as a movement that betrays the very women they publicly profess to protect. Obamacare has taken over one-sixth of the US economy and, in turn, forced taxpayers to fund abortion and left little alternatives for people of faith who refuse to pay for abortion-inducing drugs.

Donald Trump promised that he would defund Planned Parenthood, appoint pro-life Supreme Court Justices, sign a ban to end abortions at 20 weeks, and make the Hyde Amendment permanent law.

The expectations are high for the Trump Administration to follow through on these promises. Pro-lifers put their trust in him because the alternative was reprehensible and now President-Elect Trump needs to make good on those promises.

And the pro-life generation will make sure he doesn’t break them.

There is great hope for this nation to be transformed into one that rejects abortion. The rumblings have already started. The Guttmacher Institute published a study earlier this year showing over 300 new pro-life laws that were enacted over the past five years, which accounts for 30% of all the laws restricting abortion since 1973. It takes time to change the culture but this is an enormous accomplishment in a short amount of time.


Advocates like Students for Life of America and many others have educated Americans on the horrors of abortion for decades. I have personally travelled to hundreds of campuses watching Millennials stand up for preborn children, holding baby showers for pregnant students on campus, praying outside of abortion facilities, and taking bold stands for the weak and the vulnerable, often to the dismay of their professors and administrators. This generation of young people is rightly horrified by abortion, with over 50% indicating they support making abortion illegal in all or most circumstances. They are the hope of this country and our culture.

Millennials are the ones who will ultimately change the culture and from there, the laws of this nation. In fact, it’s Millennials who have been leading the charge against Planned Parenthood for the last 10 years, outing them as the criminal enterprise they really are.

Lila Rose, a Millennial, began her undercover video sting work of Planned Parenthood when she was in high school. She now runs Live Action. David Daleiden, another Millennial, released the bombshell undercover videos last summer which launched Congressional and state investigations into the fetal body parts for-profit industry run out of Planed Parenthoods across the country. I also share the Millennial title as the President of Students for Life of America, where we have grown to serve over 1,030 college and high school campuses since our inception in 2006. Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood proudly boasts of their 200 or so college pro-choice clubs.


While we may be young, we have learned from our pro-life predecessors how to organize and ignite a movement. We get out of bed each morning knowing that innocent lives will be lost and mothers will be irreparably harmed – and we have to do something to stop it.

This is our time. This the time for the pro-life movement to turn away from petty disagreements and stand united. This is our chance to appoint the justices we need to overturn Roe and Doe. This is our chance to defund and bankrupt the abortion Goliath. This is our chance, the chance of a lifetime, to abolish abortion.

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