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Over the past couple of days I’ve lost literal count of how many people have written to me asking about the clinical trials in New York State regarding the use of Hydroxychloroquine.


The trials began last Tuesday.

In this column’s space and much more liberally on my Twitter feed I have attempted to stay up-to-date on the rapidly developing reports of the effectiveness of Hydroxychloroquine. I’ve also dedicated a considerable percentage of my radio show over the last two weeks highlighting these developments.

It’s strange that I should need to. 

Before the drug was mentioned by President Trump there had been a robust interest in looking at the replicated results from China, India, South Korea and France. Sadly, American medical authorities didn’t really give any credence to the claims until the controlled study in southern France, which returned a one in 10,000 chance that the results were anecdotal or in anyway not possible to replicate repeatedly. 

Dr. Fauci dragged his feet even as that study was becoming public. Then the president mentioned it, and all of a sudden it became a political issue. 

It should not be.

The willingness by anyone of either political party to weaponize an actual solution or series of solutions to COVID-19 is utterly inhuman.

And as the good news is coming in there is a greater reason for hope!

Here are just a handful of new developments from the last few days and hours.

  1. Dr. Fauci when asked if he would use the Hydroxychloroquine cocktail, answered with resounding affirmation. (Simply because he had asked for better clinical evidence previously did not mean he was unaware of what the data was already showing).
  2. France reversed its previous ban on the drug. When the highly esteemed Dr. Didier Raoult released his first survey’s findings the French medical authorities were resistant. As he released an even larger study, with more patients and improved results from his initial study, the French public health officials had no choice but to give guidance as to its use.
  3. India’s public health guidance granted affirmation for physicians and front line medical workers to begin taking it as a preventative. This use was the very suggestion I recommended as first steps in this column a week ago. Since our own CDC has cited its prophylactic benefits our doctors and front line medical personnel should be taking it now.
  4. Given the increased acceptance here in the states not one, but as many as seven different pharmaceutical companies have agreed to mass produce as much as 250 million doses by mid-April. Given Dr. Raoult’s guidance in both of his studies this would give the globe enough inventory to cure 46,000,000 cases. Presently we have not yet hit one million cases worldwide. Notably Bayer, Novartis and Teva Pharm stepped up, pledging to donate several million doses right out of the chute.
  5. Doctors began prescribing off-label use and in doing so are replicating the clinical results in remarkable fashion. One doctor in Monroe, New York has treated in excess of 700 patients. As of this writing he’s lost zero patients to death, zero to intubation, and only two to hospitalization. Another doctor in New York City has treated in excess of 100 patients with zero deaths.

You can expect to see some clinical findings begin to trickle in on Monday through the end of this coming week.

The clinical results showed the patient going from symptomatic to negative testing on average in 5-6 days. Tuesday will mark one week since the trials began. So watch the “recovery” numbers in New York closely, as there may be a bit of a pop. 

The Democrats, the media, and people who despise the president don’t want these trials to succeed. Three Democrat governors have gone so far as to ban the use of the drug cocktail. And one has even threatened action against doctors who prescribe it. Which is an odd juxtaposition for the days we live in. It appears that the President cares more about their constituents in their states than their own governors do.

Bottom line: results will begin to filter back. The global medical focus is back on what the drugs can actually do as opposed to who is promoting them. Use of them in the USA is already demonstrating life-saving results, and it appears there will be no inventory problem in prescribing them due to the generosity (not greed) of “big pharma.”

Check back to my Twitter feed often. I will relay results as fast as they come in. (@KMCRadio)

And pray that this potential cure helps us all as we seek to normalize life again... because we desperately need to!

Be encouraged! Help is on the way!

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