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About Those Planned Parenthood "Idiots"

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This week the future of Planned Parenthood careened into near elimination for the first real time since its creation.

That’s correct. It’s taken way too long, but the organization founded by the racist Margaret Sanger, and who wished to use it for the elimination of black children, is heading towards it’s final end.


It has too. The sickness is too public, too harsh, too hellish for America to now ignore.

One way to tell is that those supporting its insanity are demonstrating their own lack of reality in the pushback. Thanks to thirty months of incredible undercover work by the Center for Medical Progress, Planned Parenthood is about to get a sieve in it’s taxpayer jugular, and with any fortune the carcass will not take long to expire. The only unjust aspect of it all is that even with the prison time that what appears several Planned Parenthood executives now deserve—their punishment still won’t be quite as crunchy as those illegal breech abortions, partial-birth, and born alive (all three of which are illegal.)

One of those fighting back on their behalf is someone named Rebecca Watson. She fancies herself a “skepchick” (which must mean “blogger with a penchant for artificial hair color.")

In a foul-mouthed YouTube--on July 28th—titled: “Planned Parenthood Is Not Selling Baby Parts, You F—ing Idiots," Rebecca let loose, "It’s weird for those of us with two brain cells to rub together, that this is even a thing. Because first of all, obviously Planned Parenthood doesn’t sell BABY PARTS. Jesus f---ing christ, get a hold of yourselves. Baby parts!”

She proceeded to then claim the portions of the baby’s body were mere “tissue” and that the “parent” was desiring to donate it to research to stop Alzheimer’s, Dementia or Parkinson’s.


Her only reaction to the currently released videos by the Center for Medical Progress (4 at time of this writing) is that they were maliciously edited.

The goal of the video was to garner widely recognized attention—a level of which she succeeded as evidenced by this column. In the social media circles it even surpassed Cecile Richards, the President of Planned Parenthood, and her appearance on the sympathetic George Stephanopoulos broadcast. Though I had never heard of Rebecca Watson her nasty mouth, belligerent, profane ignorance was sitting in my newsfeed and in the very headline she was screaming that I was an f—ing idiot.


As the father of four children that I would lay my life down for, I’ve had enough. Simply because Cecile Richards and Rebecca Watson, and other distraught women are unwilling to accept reality doesn’t mean that any of the rest of us are required to follow in their footsteps. Their non-real world of their own imagining is about to be yanked out from underneath them and to be candid we may find very sad stories about their lack of desire to go on much further in notes left beside their beds.

It’s not my problem.

These two women, and the other three who are still standing with them, are lying to us. They started in the super secret abortion rooms in the 1970s. They told our mothers, sisters, friends, aunts and cousins that what they had in them wasn’t anything but a “clump of cells.” As ultrasound improved, as things went three dimensional, and as we began to hear and see heartbeats that lie began to be peeled away. So much so in fact that most college kids have now grown up seeing their siblings in the womb, before they were able to hold them in their arms. The millennial generation knows that unborn children are not a clump of cells, they know that they are living, and they are the most definitive pro-life generation since 1973.


The lies have changed. The goalposts have been moved. So now there is no arguing about the humanity or personhood of the unborn child, because technology has revealed that to be true. Additionally we’ve begun to understand more about the inhumanity of the abortion industry. We’ve learned that in many states abortion practitioners are the bottom feeding medical flunky dropouts that can’t even get hospital admitting credentials. We’ve also seen how twisted the practitioners have become: the Kermit Gosnell clinic with its jars of pickled babies feet, or the women that barely make it to an actual hospital because their abortion flunky nearly or some in cases did kill them.

And now we see how the craven elite see to it that the “crunchy” part of the breech position killing of a human child can be done so as to carefully avoid the torso, thus sparing the all vital, and very profitable organs of the actual child. With our own ears and eyes—not edited—just finally published—we’ve seen that these practitioners do in fact get more money when they cut the kid up "into parts.”

We’ve heard of the ambitions to buy high performance sports cars from the profits. We’ve seen and heard how they attempt to skirt the law to do so. We’ve seen them callously munch on their salad and swig their noon wine while joking about why livers are higher demand commodities than limbs at the present.


We’ve had enough.

More than 94% of the women that entire a Planned Parenthood clinic pregnant depart the clinic without their child. Adoption accounted for less than .08% of those numbers last year—I wasn’t a math major but that seems a wide disparity to me.

We the tax-payers have given them more than a half billion dollars for the last several years. On average it comes to about $1,800,000.00 per day that they take from the tax-payer.

So not only are these spawns of Satan performing illegal breech abortions, partial birth abortions, and born alive abortions while then doing the most stomach churning things to the bodies following—but you and I are paying for it. We give them roughly $1,600.00 per child that they do it to.


They will lie and say that they don’t use the tax-payer money, but it all ends up in their general fund. They will lie and say that they stay within the law, but the videos already demonstrate they don’t—with thousands of hours to go. They will lie in their slogan and say they “care, no matter what.” But does anyone believe that the baby that was illegally put into a breech position (as described on video 1) and then is partially delivered (illegal), and then has its crunchy limbs and skull crushed—while leaving the torso in tact, ever sees one ounce of “care?”

It is not enough to merely defund Planned Parenthood. It must become a significant focus for those of us with the passion and the determination to do so, to prosecute the evil people that are committing these atrocities against those we hold most innocent, and should be most protected.


Planned Parenthood must die.

Babies are not clumps of cells, they are not random samples of tissue, they are human beings with the same rights guaranteed them by God as Cecile Richards and Rebecca Watson.

And we—"the f—ing idiots" of America—have had enough.


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