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Ladies, Democrats fail you in four major ways. You’re 0-for-4 with DFL policies, so vote for politicians who will safeguard your health and freedom.

1.) Gun control renders women vulnerable to rape and mass violence

Women are at higher risk than men for becoming victims of rape. And since 75% of teachers are female, according to data from the Education Department, women are also at higher risk for becoming victims of mass school shootings.

Democrats like Sen. Dianne Feinstein, California Gov. Jerry Brown (signatory of a new bill that tells women: “a nod means undress me”) and President Obama are responsible for rendering women vulnerable to sexual assault on college campuses as well as to mass school shootings.

Instead of respecting women’s natural right to self-defense, Democrats persist in advocating for gun free zones in the very places where women are prone to violent attack: universities and schools. We could reduce rape and sexual assault on college campuses by allowing college women to carry concealed. We could also prevent the next Newtown or Marysville tragedy by allowing teachers to carry.

2.) Barack and Hillary’s policies kill “equal pay for equal work”

Many women aspire to become entrepreneurs and own their own businesses. Millennial women in particular aspire toward a pioneering lifestyle: a 2014 Deloitte study found that 70% of Millennials desire to work independently. Ironically, the party that claims to fight for “equal pay for equal work” is pushing policies that make it harder for women to become successful entrepreneurs at a time when there are more male than female entrepreneurs.

Studies show that the average age of a first-time entrepreneur is 40. Most successful entrepreneurs must hold a normal job for several years in order to accrue enough experience and savings to venture out alone. Unfortunately, women are struggling to find jobs that will tee them up for their entrepreneurial dreams. This is because, instead of recovering our economy, Obama is responsible for what TIME Magazine calls “nearly flat” Millennial employment.

America’s non-recovery is due to Obama’s monetary policy, excessive spending, and over-regulation of the energy and healthcare sectors. Obama’s signature healthcare bill, the Affordable Care Act, is verified to kill entrepreneurial jobs. Entrepreneurial women eager to vote for Hillary’s friends like Sen. Mary Landrieu should reconsider knowing that nationalized healthcare was Hillary’s idea before it was Obama’s.

The DFL’s “pro-women” spokespeople make it crystal clear that they neither support nor understand entrepreneurship:

Barack Obama in 2012: “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

Hillary Clinton in 2014: "Don't let anybody tell you it's corporations and businesses that create jobs."

3.) Women Want Fathers

Obama did a fabulous job of promoting the fantasy life of the cartoon named “Julia”—who magically raised a son without a father. But my research shows that all women, including lesbian women, desire stable father figures for themselves and/or their children. Sadly, John Hopkins University released a study this summer revealing that for the first time in U.S. history, two thirds of young women who have children are raising them without the help of committed fathers.

Rather than empowering women, our current redistributive policies have made women, especially minority women, more vulnerable to poverty and the challenge of raising children alone. While the latest studies indicate that most Millennial women do aspire toward marriage and home ownership, Obama’s reign is marked by historically low numbers of women getting married, buying homes or raising children with committed partners.

4.) National healthcare with a mono-focus on “free” birth control hurts women

Let me be blunt: Hillary Clinton, Kathleen Sebelius, Elizabeth Warren and Wendy Davis are not of childbearing age—yet they flaunt ObamaCare’s “benefits” for young women. Why? Not because nationalized healthcare is the best solution for women’s health, but because young women must subsidize ObamaCare’s exorbitant costs in order for it to ever “work.”

If Hillary and her girlfriends care about women’s health, they should consult with doctors and young women. A new report finds that over 214,000 doctors are voluntarily opting out of ObamaCare because it drives a wedge between them and their patients. Meanwhile, the latest Harvard poll finds that 57 percent of Millennials disapprove of ObamaCare. Which essentially means that the majority of fertile women disapprove of ObamaCare.

Birth control only represents a small fraction of the average young woman’s overall health concerns. Yet Democrats desperate to win young swing voters and appease greedy pharmaceutical lobbyists have tried to convince women that birth control defines their healthcare because free birth control is the major “perk” of ObamaCare.

Heart disease—not costly birth control—is the number one killer of women in America. Five times more women die of heart failure than breast cancer! If women don’t have access to comprehensive high-quality healthcare, they will continue to die of heart disease.

In developing the Affordable Care Act, the current administration only consulted with drug companies and insurance providers who have a vested interest in obtaining large profits. I consulted with nearly 300 doctors in the process of writing “Let Me Be Clear” and they told me that ObamaCare was not the best way to improve women’s health, and offered their alternative free market solutions.

When women go to the polls on Tuesday, they should make a clear statement:

Dear Democrats,
Please stop screeching about free birth control and convenient abortions. Instead, overturn ObamaCare and implement free market healthcare reform. I want to be able to afford my healthcare insurance and I want a high-quality healthcare system where my doctor has enough time to listen to my ticker.

A Young American Woman

Women are 0-for-4 with a Democrat majority in the Senate. Punt. Pass. Vote. The midterm elections are a chance for ladies to usher in prosperity and freedom.

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