IRS Cries 'Budget'!

Posted: Jan 06, 2015 12:01 AM
IRS Cries 'Budget'!

Another day and another complaint by the IRS that they won’t have enough money to administer the tax code properly.


Maybe they should have thought about that before Lois Lerner came before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and decided to invoke her right not to incriminate herself.


Its one thing when a Mafia don does that.

But come on: The IRS?

Or perhaps they should have thought of it before they lost the emails that they said died because of a hard drive failure.

This time the crier for the IRS is CNNMoney, which complains that the IRS has to follow increasingly difficult tax code while seeing reduced budgets.

“Congress has shrunk the IRS budget over the past five years,’ writes CNNMoney, “while at the same time requiring the agency to administer even more complex laws. The IRS topline budget for 2015 is about 10% less than it was in 2010. But the real drop is actually steeper since the 10% doesn't account for cost increases that have occurred in the past five years!!!!” 

[Editor’s note: Exclamations added because they were implied in the original copy!!!]

And all this time the government tells me that inflation isn’t a problem.

Perhaps the administration should have thought of that before they made the IRS the policeman for your healthcare.

Only freaking liberals would think making the taxman the point man for healthcare would end happily.

CNNMoney say that the IRS has seen an eight percent drop in personnel since 2010 thanks to budget cuts, this despite being the top enforcement agency for the new Obamacare mandates that go into effect this year.

The IRS worries that they won’t get the right information from insurance exchanges, as a result workflow will suffer.

So they are gonna pull the National Park Service stunt on you, delaying refunds and giving shoddy service, like we are used to the gold star service that normally comes out of the taxing agency (cough, hack).

The average wait time for tax preparer with VIP service at the IRS is expected to top 52 minutes according to a tax advocate, with 47% of regular calls going unanswered.

I wonder where they got that information?

And again that means that you, the taxpayer due a refund will have to wait while the money sits in the federal trust fund earning interest on your behalf.

Ha, ha, ha!

Actually I’m kidding the government would never put your money into an actual trust fund or lock box and earn interest.

What do you think this is? A federally regulated deposit institution?

No, it’s the government and they are very good at telling others how to conduct business while very bad a conducting their own.

And if they aren’t careful, they will get more money docked at the next budget, and the next budget, hopefully until they understand.

All the more reason to file early if you’re due a refund.

All the more reason to file as late as possible if you owe the government money.

Because here's the thing: Clearly the folks in the government have this backwards.

It was never their money in the first place.

It’s the people’s money.

They still don’t understand.