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Obama Kills Day 9 on Golf Course

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On Day Number 9 of National Lampoon’s Obama Vacation we lowered the flag in Afghanistan; five people were stabbed at a restaurant near the White House and; the NYC police commissioner William Bratton conceded that police in the country feel like they are under attack by the White House.


“They really do feel under attack, rank-and-file officers and much of American police leadership, that they feel they’re under attack from the federal government at the highest levels,” Bratton said on Meet the Press on Sunday.

That’s because they are under attack... just like the rest of us are.

It’s all in a day’s work in Obama’s America.

Oh, and by the way: Obama played golf with friends in Hawaii on Day 9.

The rest of us? We were just under attack.

And it’s foes and friends alike too who are under attack.

Oh, temporarily Obama and the White House might not attack you. But history suggests that once they are done with you, once you get in the way, it’s over.

It doesn’t matter how much backlash it will produce either. The White House will muscle through the criticism because they know that no one will stop them.

No one: Certainly not the GOP in Congress.

When business leaders like Whole Foods CEO John Mackey, or head of JPMorgan Jamie Dimon, or former GE boss Jack Welch speak out about businesses being under attack the journalists scoffed.

When the Tea Party was under attack the journalists laughed.

They still laugh.

“Contrary to his assertions in countless appearances on Fox News,” writes the LA Times, “there's no evidence that the Obama White House directed -- or indeed was involved in any way -- in the supposed targeting of conservative nonprofit groups for special scrutiny by the IRS.”


No smoking gun there ;-).

The Times says it was all a witch hunt to gut the IRS budget.

Raise your hand if you really think the IRS will miss $346 million out of an $11 billion budget.

When the Benghazi Embassy was attacked, it was treated as if we lose embassies every day-- and as if as a country we are powerless to stop it.

When journalists were attacked because of the stories they covered, when they questioned the administration, they were treated like national security risks.

When Sen. Ted Cruz questioned the implementation of Obamacare, he was treated like he had just lost an election to Obama.

Even today as ISIS reoccupies a country that we had freed, journalists pretend that it isn’t happening.

What’s really needed says the New York Times is a group hug.

“When I watch Americans use words like cowardly, barbaric, murder, outrageous, shocking, etc., to describe a violent extremist organization’s actions, we are playing right into the enemy’s hands,” says a top Obama special ops commander, Maj. General Nagata in the New York Times. The Times article asserts that we don’t understand ISIS well enough, not that we aren’t fighting well enough. “They want us to become emotional. They revel in being called murderers when the words are coming from an apostate.”


They also revel in dying.

In both cases we can oblige them without fear that our own cause will be compromised.

“War means fighting,” said Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest, “and fighting means killing.”

It’s well past time for folks in the Fourth Estate to stop like we all aren’t under siege by the Obama administration; they aren't fighting everyone.

Do they really need to get someone else killed first?

Yeah probably more than one, unfortunately.

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