Record Ice Coverage More Proof that Weather Still Exists Despite Obama's Attempt to Ban It

Posted: Sep 16, 2014 12:01 AM

Record ice in Antarctica is more proof that Obama is a failure. Despite claiming to control the weather with both his genius intellect and the power of his superhuman Nobel prize, it's been apparent he is not succeeding.

And we’ve all noticed it for some time now.

No matter the circumstances, every weather event is blamed on global warming in an attempt to cover up Obama's nefarious plot failure.

Cold temperature? Global warming. Hot temperatures? Global warming? Snow? Global warming. Drought? Global warming. Hurricanes, tornadoes or the lack thereof? Global warming. There was even an attempt by a ditzy news anchor on CNN—is there any other kind on CNN?-- to blame a meteorite on global warming.

It’s gotten so bad that I’m surprised that global warming hasn’t been tied to white men and rape.

Oh that’s right. It has been.

And now in another attempt to explain the unexplainable, to deny what is obvious—that global warming just isn’t happening (at least not how its evangelists would wish)—scientists have come up with a new theory why record ice at Antarctica could be yet ANOTHER weather event where cooling temperatures are an indication of global warming.

“CEO of the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems CRC, Tony Worby,” reports ABCNews in Australia, “said the warming atmosphere is leading to greater sea ice coverage by changing wind patterns.”

The cool part—ha, ha cool part-- is that an old-time actor, one you thought was dead and gone, plays a prominent role in this global warming passion play.

"The extent of sea ice is driven by the winds around Antarctica, and we believe that they're increasing in strength and part of that is around the depletion of ozone," said Worby.

Ah, yes, our old friend the ozone hole-- the last greatest threat to the earth since Mikkos Cassadine targeted Port Charles with his diabolical weather machine in an attempt to keep the ratings going at General Hospital-- is making a comeback.

Yes, the big ozone hole above Antarctica that was supposedly going to melt the entire world-- because it was already too late to save the whales, or the darter snail, or the cheery woodland owl-- is actually warming the world again, while also helping generate record ice right below the hole that’s gonna melt the world in conjunction with global warming that is producing record low temperature and lots and lots of snow.



It should be noted that General Hospital, as well as the news report noted above, are written, produced and broadcast by the network ABC.

Coincidence? Or some more evil afoot?

How about both?

Earlier this month ABC news reported that the ozone hole was “Back and Big.”

Five days ago the Associated Press reported that the ozone hole was “recovering,” but yet out of the woods.

Environmental whackos and their friends in the media seem to understand that if you repeat something long enough even a well-worn lie can appear to become the truth.

“It would not be impossible to prove with sufficient repetition and a psychological understanding of the people concerned,” said Hitler’s master of propaganda, Josef Goebbels, “that a square is in fact a circle. They are mere words, and words can be molded until they clothe ideas and disguise.”

That’s one reason why we are willing to suspend our disbelief to watch a show like General Hospital, or Gilligan’s Island or American Idol or NBA basketball.

As the soap opera General Hospital moves into its 50th year, the ozone hole is not far behind in age. Yet despite dire predictions about the demise of mankind due ozone depletion it’s clear that the plot line scientists sold us in the 1970s with regard to ozone was about as credible as those featured on General Hospital.

But as any good TV executive would tell you-- the only thing that matters in TV are the ratings. If the ratings are good, the suspension of disbelief follows as a matter of course.

That’s why the next great threat scientists will tell us about will be…global cooling… as a result of global a result of the genius of Barack Obama combined with the power of his superhuman Nobel prize. 

Get ready for it.

It'll bear that stamp of authenticity we all look for in science and politics: "As Seen on TV."