They Lost China, and Iran, and Iraq, and Libya, and Afghanistan and Pakistan and...

Posted: Jul 01, 2014 11:45 AM
They Lost China, and Iran, and Iraq, and Libya, and Afghanistan and Pakistan and...

A victory beyond the wildest dreams of Osama bin Laden is within reach of fighters from ISIL, a group of which he would likely approve regardless of what current Al Qaeda leadership says about the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. And it's all Obama's fault.

“Iraqi troops battled to dislodge an al Qaeda splinter group from the city of Tikrit on Monday,” reports the Hindustan Times, “after its leader was declared caliph of a new Islamic state in lands seized this month across a swathe of Iraq and Syria.”

The caliphate claims worldwide authority over all Muslims, and poses a challenge not to U.S. control in the region—because we have none-- but to Iran’s control of Iraq.

So no matter who wins, we are pretty much doomed to an outcome that will cost America hugely in the future. Currently, Russia is sending military aid to Iraq to bolster the current government. In response to the crisis, President Obama has sent Iraq an autographed copy of his book, a $25 gift card from Starbucks, and outtakes of planted questions from a recent press conference on Iraq.

It’s hilarious. I’ve seen it.

What’s not hilarious is that they lost China, they lost Iraq…and Iran, and Libya, and Afghanistan and Pakistan AND they tried mightily to lose Egypt. Fortunately, the U.S. trained officers of the Egyptian Army have more sense than they do.

Who are the “they” in this scenario?

Well despite what our own prophet of doom, Dr. Ron Paul, says about Iraq-- he blames it squarely on G.W. Bush-- this is all president Obama’s fault.

He’s the “them” here.

Because here’s the thing: Let’s pretend for a moment that Obama actually cared about foreign policy and national security.

I know that’s hard to do, but please try.

Obama can’t fight wars and then expand welfare; he can’t fight wars and expand social security disability; he can’t fight wars and have Obamacare too.

In short, Obama and his leftist friends have decided that the only common defense that they care about is defending the government’s reach to every corner of American society.

So national security can be damned.

We just can’t afford to make the country secure right now.

There are too many free telephones, birth control, and bailouts for Obama cronies to give away with your money to afford a luxury item like a free and secure country.

“I knew from the start that if I left the woman I love--the Great Society,” said president Lyndon Johnson about America’s involvement in Vietnam, “in order to fight that bitch of a war, then I would lose everything. All my programs. All my hopes. All my dreams.”

Obama and his friends will not make the same mistake that Johnson, the old liar, claims he made.

The Obama folks: many of them are, after all, the folks who toppled LBJ in 1968, the Democrat who created the Great Society.

LBJ once said Gerald Ford couldn’t walk and chew bubble gum at the same time.

Actually Ford was a gifted athlete.

It’s LBJ and his contemporary liberal friends who can’t do two things at once.

And this is part of the reason why the Obama administration is so obsessed with spying by the NSA.

Being the amateurs that they are, they have no idea what the real job of the intelligence community is.

They think that spying is a cheap substitute for national defense, which it is not.

That type of policy only leads to the gutting of our national liberty and the gutting of our national defense, all in the name of defending our liberty to have free phones, free birth control, and free money.

The loss of the Middle East is a loss that even LBJ would be ashamed of.

“Tell me something Lieutenant,” said Hippy in author Karl Marlantes’ epic depiction of the Vietnam War, Matterhorn, written from the viewpoint of a Marine infantry company. “Just tell me where the gold is. Yes, the gold, the f---ing gold, or the oil, or uranium. Something. Jesus Christ, something out there for us to be here.”

Well, the gold is now at home. The Federal Reserve has it, as Dr. Ron Paul would no doubt remind us.

But the oil? That’s in the Middle East.

And even an old, grizzled Marine knows deep down that that is something worth fighting for.