Press Jester Jay Carney is Stupid Again, This Time on Iraq

Posted: Jun 14, 2014 12:01 AM
Press Jester Jay Carney is Stupid Again, This Time on Iraq

Every time I think Obama hits a new low, he seems to slink lower, even hours later.

As Obama pursues “intense” diplomacy, which will probably includ at least 36 holes of golf this weekend, Iran is sending troops into Iraq to fight alongside our supposed Iraqi government allies.

“In recent days,” reports CNN, “Iran has sent about 500 Revolutionary Guard troops to fight alongside Iraqi government security forces in Diyala province, a senior security official in Baghdad told CNN.”

Contrast that with the administration’s actions: They evacuated three planeloads of contractors that were supposed to be supporting the Iraqi military.

One unnamed US official told Fox News that while the US still supports the Iraqi military: “We’re not going to do anything stupid.”

Too late.

Cue the stupid sound track.

Stupidity is the hallmark of this administration.

Here’s Jay Carney on how Obama ended the Iraq war that is currently going on right now: “There is no question that the president pledged to end the war in Iraq,” said Press Jester Jay, “and he did.”

And Obama stopped the seas from rising too.

And apparently, stupidity is the hallmark of the American people as well.

You wanted out of Iraq, America? Well, that’s what you got.

That you believed the lies that there would be no consequences to an American withdrawal of troops from Iraq, doesn’t excuse you any more than believing that WMDs were at the heart of the Iraqi invasion excuses you for wishful thinking in that case.

There are plenty of good reasons for US troops to have stayed in Iraq.

And we are about to get a history lesson on what those reasons were.

Imagine, if you will, a world where there is no South Korea; where the only Korea is North Korea, still pursuing nuclear ambitions, still dreaming of a world without America.

Now imagine if that Korea controlled ten percent of the world’s oil supply.

Because that’s what Iran will achieve if it controls Iraq.

And they will use that increased oil wealth to build a better nuclear program, a faster way to make Americans die, along with destroying our ally Israel.

Iran in short, is North Korea on steroids.

While our relationship has thawed a bit with Iran, it’s only because we’ve stopped objecting to their plans to attack and kill Americans, while wiping Israel off the map.

Not having 250,000 US troops stationed within striking distance of Iran’s border sure has emboldened them, hasn’t it?

It doesn’t take a genius to see what can happen now.

It just takes a map.

Of course map reading is not an American strength.

That’s why I’ve included a helpful map above.

Worst case is Al Qaida controls a great swath of territory from deep into Syria, through Iraq into Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Oman.

The best case, without American action, is that Iran swallows Iraq whole, while America ships them the arms to help.

Think of it like an Arms-for-No-Hostages deal.

And for those who think that Bush is responsible for this in Iraq: Think again.

In fact, guys like Carney make the Bush administration look farsighted.

Because we didn’t invade Libya, but the Arab spring toppled Gadhafi; we didn’t invade Egypt, yet the Arab spring toppled Mubarak; we didn’t invade Syria, yet the arms Obama made available to Al Qaida affiliates in Syria have allowed those groups to push deep into Iraq.

If you want Iraq, you can keep Iraq, Obama never promised.

It’s a non-promise that Obama is going to keep.

Answer that question Jay Carney.

And I hope you rupture a kidney doing it.