Blame 2014 on Winter Storm Obama

Posted: Feb 11, 2014 12:01 AM
Blame 2014 on Winter Storm Obama

You can blame it on the bad weather. Well, at least you can count on the Obama administration to blame it on the bad weather.

Cuz baby, it's cold outside. Especially for Senate Democrats.

As retail sales and other data come out this week, expect economist, taking their cue from the White House, to have finally perfected the excuse that cold weather is responsible for the economy missing forecasts.

“Last month, Americans were unnerved by slumping stock markets and impeded from shopping by an unusually cold and snowy January,” reports Reuters, “that, because of high heating bills, could hurt retail sales into the spring, analysts said. A group of nine retailers that report comparable monthly sales posted a 3.6 percent rise for January, below the 4.9 percent pace a year earlier, according to Thomson Reuters.”

As goes consumer confidence, so go elections.

So, when the United States Treasury puts out its budget statement later in the week, expect them to let the rest of us know that President Obama only found out about the weather situation after seeing it on the news.

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Yes, Winter Storm Obama is upon us-- that great, cool, vapid, low-pressure system that often requires a declaration of emergency or disaster in its wake.

Because with it, it brings strong gusts of class warfare, mostly higher taxes, and an 88% chance of inflation—and ignorance that makes a London fog seem enlightening.

Even now, like a tornado, no one knows which trailer park Winter Storm Obama could be headed for next.

Here’s my guess: The next place to feel the effects of Winter Storm Obama will be the stock market. Unless the Federal Reserve Bank changes direction, Wall Street is about to get pummeled by the same Winter Storm Obama that Main Street has been feeling these last six years.


“The stock market is up,” said Democrat political operative James Carville. “If you look at the stock market, this is the best president we would ever have. The stock market has skyrocketed under President Obama.”

That seems more like an epitaph than a sound bite. And Senate Democrats should be wary of embracing this war cry.

Bin Laden is dead, and Detroit is alive; Summer of Recovery; If you like your plan, you can keep your plan; Al Qaeda is defeated; It’s a time that will be remembered when I stopped the seas from rising and healed the world with my bare hands.The stock market is up.

See what I mean?

Typically when idiots start saying stuff like this, you know it’s over, even if it takes two four-year terms to be so obvious that even the mainstream media pays attention.

And the scary thing about this is that Obama pays people to think like this. And people like Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NYCollective) get paid to repeat it.

Most creative people have a lot of bad ideas that they discard every day, because on second thought, perhaps they aren’t very good after all.

Not Winter Storm Obama.

He embraces all of them.

Let’s spy on every single phone call and all web traffic in the U.S. Check

Let’s use the IRS to intimidate our political opponents. Check

Let’s pass a tax increase on EVERYONE after repeatedly promising not to do that. Check.

Let’s rush through legislation that kills jobs, dislocates the labor market, denies more people insurance policies, raises premiums, while increasing deductibles. Double-check.

Let’s kill the coal industry. Check.

Let’s raise the cost of labor for business. Check.

2014 offers us the best chance to stop Winter Storm Obama, by getting rid of the hot, moist air the fuels such storms.

Like Senator Chuck Schumer, who by the way, represents Wall Street.

“New York,” asks radio host superman Mark Levin, “when will you kick this ass out of the Senate?”

That’s a very good question for Wall Street to answer.

Especially this year.

You’ll see.