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If it’s President Hillary…

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..despondency will set in for The Deplorables. I said, “If.” But Deplorables, thinking Indies, striving Latinos and African-Americans, and achieving Asians may yet avert the abyss to appear should Hillary Clinton be elected President of the United States.


Despicable though many words of Trump can be, they are not as deadly as letting four men die in Benghazi. They are not as detestable as recklessly endangering our national security, as selling our nation’s best interests for bags of silver.

Think of it. If anyone wavers, abstains, considers Johnson or Stein, or worst of all, gives in and votes for Hillary, all of us must prepare for our lives under a Hillary Clinton presidency:

  •        On Inauguration Day, January 20th, 2017, when Hillary raises her hand (on a Bible?) and swears to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, you will know she is telling us her first lie as Commander-in-Chief.
  •        When she nominates Barack Hussein Obama to fill the next vacancy on the Supreme Court, you will know that a trade had been made: no DOJ prosecution in exchange for a SCOTUS nomination. Their devils-pact is much more entangled, but it boils down to that. And when Chief Justice Roberts retires—if in the next eight years—Obama will replace him.
  •        She will insist upon the right of abortion at 8 months and 29 days, and partial-birth abortions will be a routine convenience. Along the way, she will continue to promote policies that breakup families to create a large voting bloc of single mothers dependent upon government handouts.
  •        With open borders and a feckless foreign policy, there will be fewer jobs for Americans of whatever creed or color. Hamburger flipping will become a career, not a first gig. More Syrian and other, unfriendly refugees will shape us like Belgium, Britain, and France, where pockets of Sharia Law will become terror training hives.
  •        Police and fire fighting champions will scatter as Progressives encourage disrespect and even, “revenge” warfare, as another Alinsky wedge tactic for gaining greater federal control. The Second Amendment will be gutted, slowly but steadily.
  •        As a captive of Wall Street with a disdain for working people everywhere, only lip service will be paid to building the economy. More Detroits will appear. Progressives will do nothing that actually helps Blacks or Latinos—they have their votes. Truly, have they ever? They will never foster an independent, self-sustaining populace.
  •        In the name of “fairness,” Judeo-Christian values will be denigrated, mocked, and ultimately, so secular that ideological powers, such as radical Islam, will fill the vacuum.
  •        Toward the end, states and governors will be seen as irrelevant and unnecessary. First Amendment freedoms will be unhealthy for “the common good.”

Then there’s Timothy Kaine: Some have bought the masquerade of Mr. Kaine as a crusading Catholic reformer. As one of only eight Democrat senators to boycott Benjamin Netanyahu’s iconic speech to a joint session of Congress, this extreme pro-choice politician is a far greater threat to Israel than many have noticed. According to American Thinker, this Virginia governor purportedly took campaign contributions in exchange for appointment of a “radical jihadi” to the state’s immigration commission. The appointee, Esam Omeish is an officer of a radical mosque that had the al Qaeda terrorist, Anwar Al-Awaki as its Imam. Opponents of this move were called bigots by Kaine, who also has close ties to Jamal Barzinji, described as a founding father of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood. Needless to say, the Obama Justice Department dropped any investigative action regarding Mr. Barzinji. Some company Mr. Kaine keeps. Yet, as a debater, Kaine was not able.

Kaine as VP is but one more signal the Obama strategy of reducing U.S. power in the world to make it a better place will continue. Pax Americana is history.

What “We’re Stronger Together” Really Means

Has anyone really thought about it? This is not a Kumbaya picture of a symphony orchestra playing beautiful music together—as one. View that image from further back. It is about a state collective forced to play the music of the Progressive directorate. There will be only one, unopposed conductor with a baton.


The only entity stronger will be the party controlling the federal government. National healthcare, godless schools, a flattened social structure, checked competition, a weaponless & defenseless population, all with a state-controlled economy. Full-blown socialism by a thousand tiny steps, all begun decades ago. Now, after eight years of further social erosion, of more limitation on our freedoms, we will begin a forced march to the brave new world. That will be the lot of all those who succeeded the Greatest Generation.

If anyone thinks I wear a tin-foil hat and foretell freedom’s apocalypse, look around. Listen to State Media, already the main tool of Progressives as they manipulate the news. Remember the family values and structure we cherished as commonplace. Recall a work ethic that meant it was shameful not to get a job if you could work. Remember our communities filled with pride and spirit instead of rust, drugs, and decay.

Yes, Donald Trump may offend many with his locker room banter—and his words can, indeed, be highly offensive, but let’s not think Lincoln, the Roosevelts, Ike, the Kennedy boys, Johnson, and naturally, Bill Clinton, didn’t partake of dirty commentary. And judging by male body part interest of women on cable TV, Trump has never been alone in his crass behavior. Far from it.


But Donald Trump or Mike Pence will not sell us out, will not disrespect any man or woman by giving away their jobs, by taking away their weapons, by denigrating their religion, or by permitting society’s infants to be murdered on their way to birth.

Words will do none of that, but the coming actions of Clinton-Kaine will do all of it.

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