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Race Considerations

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1. Bernie will attempt a shrewd bargain while waiting on one more primary Hillary is trying to forget: the FBI ballot. Hillary still thinks what she always thinks: She is a woman and a Democrat, so she is invulnerable. Bernie thinks: Anytime now, the FBI could recommend indictments—for Clinton staffers or for the nominee presumptive herself—and delegates would run to him.


DNC powerwonks want no Sanders candidacy. They think: If indictments can’t be stopped, the June 7 primaries at least blunted Bernie’s edge (a timely AP announcement helped her in CA, didn’t it?). The DNC now knows how much leverage the Berner has. It won’t be easy to force Hillary from the stage, but if there’s another sewer smell—a la Benghazi, emails, secrets gone missing, Clinton charity schemes, pay-to-play proof—the DNC may have little choice but to shove her under any bus to come along. Then, they’ll wheel out old Joe Biden, at least for four years, as the rational savior of progressivism, and the sop to Bern Victims will be Elizabeth Warren in the Veep seat.

2. If #1 or any variation thereof does not come to pass, Hillary Clinton will be the best hope for Republicans. She is a weak candidate: she let a know-nothing nobody beat her in 2008 and almost let a geriatric take her down in 2016. Those two facts speak volumes about her ability to reach out and grab the voters.

What’s worse is her attempt to play the “qualification” card will fail in the same way the “woman” card will fail. Americans drank the kool aid in 2008 and 2012 by electing someone who was temperamentally unqualified to be a leader and spent the next eight years proving it. In the quiet of ten million kitchens, people have decided one “first” in a generation that didn’t work out so well is enough: disappearing jobs, reduced buying power, lost national status, upside down priorities—all are heavy bags to carry for any Democrat in 2016. Obama lowered the bar for entry and Hillary cannot climb over it.


3. As for Republicans, its nominee presumptive has a row to hoe. Trump’s victory speech on Tuesday evening was what his tone should have been earlier. The reaction of millions to his judge-bashing showed up in Stossel’s election casino: in one week, Hillary, who had been dropping in her odds of winning, regained nearly every percentage point she lost, while Trump, who had been steadily gaining on her, lost ground. At this writing, she has a 73.0% chance of becoming POTUS to his 22.5%.

Here’s one piece of free advice to Mr. Trump: Get thicker skin! When the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune rain upon you—and they will daily, vent to your campaign staff, say rude things to the trash can, but when you appear in front of a microphone, remember the “art of the deal” and put on that game face.

If America has a doubt about you, Mr. Trump, it’s your impulsive, thoughtless blather. You’re risking so much, including the America you love, by saying dumb things you don’t even believe about Latinos, women, and African-Americans. Why give someone so unqualified to be president a free punch in your face? You’re better and smarter than Hillary. Show it.

4. The third party espoused by some, so-called “principled Republicans” strikes a good many ordinary people as the first definition of an oxymoron. Ross Perot gave us Bill Clinton and a platform for Hillary. Leaders of a siphon effort will be seen as unprincipled pariahs for all the generations it will take for a Second Revolution to throw off the chains of the sugary socialism Hillary and her sycophants will impose. Anyone “principled” who allows—by vote or default—four or eight years of power by devotees of Barack Obama, Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary & Bill Clinton to make long-lasting political and judicial appointments and further embed anti-constitutional actions into society will be cashing in their principles for an ephemeral feeling of self-satisfaction and little else.


5. While Hillary attempts to play the “qualification” card, her surrogates will monger fear. A recent piece by a Brookings scholar auditioned the silky-smooth slime the left will fling more widely in coming days. This preview can be seen in Robert Kagan’s Washington Post recent piece, in which he tells us that a Trump election will herald the arrival of a new fascism in America. Hello? Perhaps people at Brookings and the Eastern elite haven’t noticed, but not-so-subtle slices of fascism arrived not long after January 20, 2009.

Using the IRS to bludgeon conservatives, bullying speakers like Condi Rice from university stages, attempting to marginalize religious believers, forcing citizens to endure open borders mayhem in the name of ideology, subsidizing abortion killings for body parts, destroying traditional marriage, and threatening cities and states that do not cater to the new multitude of sexual orientations, are just a few.

While Donald Trump has some civil distance to travel to suit this writer, most Americans don’t see him as party to any of the bitter stew served up in the Obama-Clinton playbook. With Trump, there’s nothing to fear except fear itself. Thank you, FDR.

6. If ever there was a time when Democrats will become so desperate as to steal another national election, it will be in 2016. Why now? The last two cycles have put us into that political no-man’s land where the fabric of our national self hasn’t been so rotted by the progressive’s extra-constitutional self-service that it cannot be pulled back to the safety side of the tipping point. This cycle will mean the difference, and e-stealing of votes in a half dozen states will be the go-to strategy if Trump threatens Hillary’s coronation.


7. We will get one chance to keep what our Founders and so many others bled to give us. Voting the right way in November will be the only principle that counts.

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