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Debate Shows Carson Alone Can Bridge the Political Divide

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If America wants another eight years of a politically paralyzed Washington, then Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz are your candidates for the Republican presidential nomination. Neither has the skill set necessary to bring Congress and the American people together to protect America and to realistically solve our problems.


That was made clear at the most recent GOP debate. The headline on the front-page of The Washington Post the next day said it all: “Trump-Cruz cease-fire comes to an end.” The “bromance” between them is apparently over.

Indeed, of the 11 candidates still in the running, only one person showed that he is a uniter and can work to repair the great divide that the Obama administration has inflicted upon the our republic. That was Dr. Ben Carson.

You can hear it in his determined voice and in the murmurs across the country. With large crowds still coming to his events in Iowa, Dr. Carson is poised to make a big comeback in his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, and that’s not an accident.

Dr. Carson’s campaign has been re-energized by a shakeup in his top campaign staff. Since he changed his campaign-management team, he has released detailed policy papers on taxes, education, foreign policy, government reform and health care.

On taxes, Dr. Carson has heard the American people loud and clear. A 70,000-plus page tax code serves no one other than accountants, lawyers and Washington lobbyists. His proposal has received a thumb’s up from The Wall Street Journal because it will greatly help increase jobs and, therefore, increase revenues to the government to do those things that are so vital to the well-being of the American people.


It will bring American corporations back to the United States so Americans can once again strive for good-paying middle-class jobs. It will enable Dr. Carson to gut the IRS, saving the taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars, and it will make sure that everyone pays at least a little.

On education, the retired pediatric neurosurgeon firmly believes that our kids need an education so when they enter the workforce, they have the tools to interview, get the job and then succeed. Dr. Carson wants to make sure our kids are getting a real education and that their days in school are not wasted on politically correct classes that serve no purpose other than to make the local school board feel righteous.

He wants all parents to have the choice as to where their kids go to school so that they all have an equal shot at a quality education. He wants school policy to come from the states and local communities, not Washington. The National Education Association and American Federation of Teachers can no longer be allowed to run and ruin our schools.

On foreign policy, Dr. Carson is crystal clear: We do everything we need to do to protect the American people from enemies both foreign and domestic. ISIS must be wiped off the face of the earth, period.

We must allow our admirals and generals to do what they need to do to win. Wars, battles and skirmishes cannot be micromanaged from the White House. Our men and women in harm’s way must be allowed to kill the enemy and not worry about political correctness on the battlefield.


Entering into one-sided treaties with our sworn enemies for the sake of a presidential legacy is simply wrong. Rewarding bad behavior with billions of dollars is beyond wrong when it is clear the money will be used to support terrorism that will kill Americans. Our allies should be cherished. Our enemies should know that there’s a new sheriff in town, and if you threaten us or our friends around the globe, you will have to answer to us. Of course, to accomplish this, we will need to rebuild our military, which has been decimated over the past seven years of the Obama presidency.

Since Dr. Carson changed his campaign-management team, there’s a renewed spring in his step, a bigger smile on his face, an enthusiasm for what he is doing and an absolute determination to win.

Watch out, America, here comes the Comeback Kid.

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