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Paul Sakuma

Last year was a complete disaster for the men and women of the FBI. They’ve been betrayed by apparatchiks at DOJ, led by the mole-like Attorney General Merrick Garland who has behaved like the Grand Inquisitor to Joe Biden’s very real persecution of everything constitutional. Aside from Jim Crow — another Democrat party initiative —our civil rights have never been more threatened, abused, or abrogated. 


FBI Director Christopher Wray has presided over some of the most pernicious abuses of power in the history of the FBI. The Watergate scandal, an egregious invasion of executive privilege for which no one has been held accountable, and resulted in the impeachment of President Nixon, pales in comparison to the 2022 list of malfeasance. 

The invasion of Mar-a-Lago by a gestapo-like phalanx of FBI agents, directed by DOJ and FBI HQ politicians was breathtaking in its unabashed hubris. And, the deeply collusive behavior of former and current FBI agents at Twitter is profoundly disturbing. It must be noted, however, that though conspiracy theories are tempting to entertain, because they’re simplistic, it is far more likely that these bad actors aren’t conspirators so much as they share a common liberal world view. 

Furthermore, it’s not necessarily a bad thing to have former FBI agents working at a social media company. In fact, the FBI does some very necessary work by liaising with big tech to share threat information and collaborate on solutions. 

As the new Congress is sworn in, there may be some cause for a cautious optimism. The new Republican chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Jim Jordan of Ohio, and Republican James Comer of Kentucky, who leads Oversight and Reform have both promised hearings. Well, we’ve heard that before. The Wall Street Journal’s Kim Strasser reports that Republicans are considering the creation of a new Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government. Again, we’ve heard that before.


At this point, it’s a lot of talk. Some real action would be a welcome change from the mostly inert Republican Party. 

Comer is stumping for dismantling the FBI, and Andrew McCarthy has dredged up the old post 9/11 slogan: let’s split the FBI into separate criminal and intelligence components. Both assertions are simplistic slogans and don’t bode well for the implementation of any real solutions for the abuses of DOJ and the FBI. Furthermore, this myopic obsession with “doing something” with the FBI ignores the head of the serpent — DOJ. 

Twitter, Truth Social, and podcast personalities can blow the “defund the FBI” dogwhistle until their capillaries burst, but no amount of whistleblowing into that trope will result in real-world results. Lawmakers need real solutions to action, and fan dancing clowns attempting to compensate for their own professional inadequacies only obfuscates the way forward. 

A recent Wall Street Journal Op Ed piece reported the problem accurately, “In November, Judiciary Republicans defined the problem this way: ‘The problem lies with the FBI structure that centralizes high-profile cases in D.C., in the hands of politicized actors with politicized incentives. Quite simply, the problem — the rot within the FBI — festers in and proceeds from Washington.”   


You can now tune out all the other noise about how rank and file FBI agents are somehow culpable for not “falling on their swords” and supporting a pair of disgruntled former employees. If we want real change we’re going to have to support the efforts of Congress to create leadership change at DOJ and the FBI. 

The solutions aren’t too complicated and they aren’t sensational. A few simple New Year’s Resolutions will do the trick. 

First, the Attorney General must be replaced by an individual who respects our civil rights and the Constitution, which limits federal government authority. That’s easy, but it will require a dramatic change in power in the White House. Instead of a senile mannequin controlled by radical leftists, we’ll need a real president who possesses Trump-like qualities, who will attack and dismantle the bureaucratic state. 

The second resolution has precedent at the FBI. Two former Directors — Clarence Kelly and Louis Freeh — were actually agents before being chosen to lead the FBI. Makes a lot of intuitive sense right? So, instead of the Chief Executive selecting from a list of empty suits, wouldn’t it dramatically increase the likelihood of creating the right leadership environment to appoint an FBI Director who actually worked cases and deeply reveres and understands the role of law enforcement in preserving our civil liberties? 


Third, any coalescence of power tends to breed corruption. So, ensuring that FBI cases are handled at the Field Office level, not at HQ, would keep investigations within the span of control of those good men and women of the FBI who are career law enforcement professionals — not careerists. 

We have nearly two more years of Joe Biden’s weak, befuddled presidency. Two more years of left-wing tyranny from the Democrat party. Let’s pray that our Republican congressional leaders can get something right and hold the leadership of the DOJ and the FBI accountable. 

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