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When it comes to defining a “woman,” Democrats begin navel gazing with such passion and expertise a Yogi experiencing Samadhi would be envious. What preschoolers take for granted, drives Democrats to apoplexy. Most of us figured out the difference between boy parts and girl parts prior to mastering tetherball. 


Apparently, the mystical state of “woman” is so complex it stumped an esteemed oracle of jurisprudence. Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson was asked by Senator Martha Blackburn to define the word “woman.” Jackson was stunned by Senator Blackburn’s Gordian Knot—if only Alexander the Great were still around to whisper the solution into Jackson’s ear. Instead, the subsequently confirmed justice sputtered that she was not a biologist and, therefore, was unqualified to answer that complex, philosophical question. We all know she knows the definition of “woman.” Her evasion was all political theatre—perception management—and that makes the lie and betrayal even more heinous. 

The evil of destroying language can hardly be understated. There can be no thought apart from meaning, but that’s the objective of democrats. A pliant, ignorant constituency is, and has been, the progressive objective for decades. That’s why our school children are indoctrinated instead of educated. You can’t run an effective statist regime with pesky citizens thinking for themselves and asking thoughtful questions. Better to feed them stupid-pills in the form of nonsensical assertions designed to undermine the meaning of the most basic and essential societal concepts like “woman.” 


Democrats are engaged in guerrilla warfare against concepts like “mom” and “dad” because this is the foundation of a democratic society. They destroy family whenever possible, because stable two-parent households tend to produce strong, well adjusted, thoughtful citizens who will not cower before an army of democrat henchmen—they are far less likely to don obedience masks and submit to the injection of an experimental serum just because a demi-god like Fauci demands it. 

Fractured homes, though single parents often struggle valiantly to beat the odds, are statistically the breeding ground of dysfunction. Children from non-traditional households are far less likely to be educated and are far more likely to become lifelong wards of the state via the insidious welfare gulag or incarceration. Either way, the progressive achieves the objective—the production of a serf. 

What is at the heart of destroying the meaning of “woman,” is the destruction of the nuclear family—the cornerstone of the civil society. 

But where the concept of “woman” mystifies democrats, they are strangely dogmatic when it comes to the definition of “Violent White Supremacist Extremist.” (WSE) Biden’s Department of Homeland Security defines the WSE as: “individuals who seek, wholly or in part, through unlawful acts of force or violence, to support their belief in the intellectual and moral superiority of the white race over other races. The mere advocacy of political or social positions, political activism, use of strong rhetoric, or generalized philosophic embrace of violent tactics may be constitutionally protected activities.”  


Given the fluidity of every conceivable category, terms like “white” should be malleable. If a concept like sex, which is unalterable at the level of DNA, is subject to an individual’s whim, why should race be exempt? By the standards of The Squad, how can a term like “white” be defined? It seems that such thorny technical questions should be left up to omniscient biologists. What is more, race is actually a misnomer, unlike the term “woman.” We are actually all members of a single race—the human race—which contains members with differing concentrations of melanin. Concepts like white and black are actually political constructs designed to alienate. If democrats can’t define “woman,” who are they to define “white?”

The word “violent” or “violence” has become perverse in the hands of democrat demagogues. Anything that creates offense, per Democrat woke-aucrats, is an act of violence against the sensibilities of the offended. So, as Americans are now experiencing, naughty thinking that offends the sensibilities of the political class is tantamount to an old-fashioned assault and battery. But don’t worry, the DHS definition of WSE might-just-maybe include your “strong rhetoric” as constitutionally protected speech. 

Whenever a democrat is dogmatic about anything, you can be certain it is something that furthers their anti-American agenda. For the progressive, language is merely a tool of the state. A few progressives truly understand that power. In fact, the word “progressive” demonstrates how easily the perversions slip in—the progressive agenda is as regressive as tribalism and as barbaric as Marx.


Language is a staggering weapon and Americans ceed the battlefield of words at great peril. American’s must refuse to validate nonsensical un-words like “transgender.” The state of “transgender” simply does not exist. Despite the mutilation of sex organs, there is no altering of male or female DNA—that’s the science. Transgender is Newspeak, straight from the prose of 1984. And, we entertain these linguistic lies to our peril. We all know what a woman is, we all have mothers—hopefully women who loved and nurtured us through the dangers and difficulties of childhood. It’s an obscenity to destroy the meaning of woman—we all owe them so much. Ketanji Brown Jackson is a disgraceful opportunist who took centerstage to pander to an elitist political class. Jackson certainly knows better. The left wasted no time, despite the colossal irony, in hailing her as the first black, female, Supreme Court Justice.  

The truth of all of this is made clear by comparison. When concepts like “woman” are generalized beyond meaning, yet criminal codes develop with increasing detail and specificity, there can be only one conclusion—the powerful are designing for your enslavement. The progressive wields language like a cudgel, yet the truth is a far more powerful weapon. The antidote to all the Democrat lies is to speak truth in your life. We all know it instinctively. Strike out against the darkness by honoring women as you know them—your wives, daughters, and mothers.    


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