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The Perverse World of Planet Fitness

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At Planet Fitness anyone can be anything they imagine themselves to be. It’s a three ring circus of maniacal, liberal democracy. Under the big top hucksters soft sell an oblivious mind-over-matter relativism and a fluffy-sweater, self-affirmation psychosis compressed into a gargantuan, twitching perversion. Planet Fitness is a freak show of make believe where liberalism finds full expression in a raving and gibbering declamation of the surreal. If you’ve got clownish Democrats on your side, all you have to do is wish upon a star and your genitalia transmogrifies in the purple haze of gender politics—Obama, always center ring, will happily doff his top hat and sprinkle a corrosive pixie dust on the shreds of any oxidizing conscience, transforming men into women by sheer force of elocution. After all, why shouldn’t a messianic president have the power to speak fantasy into reality?


Planet Fitness has commanded headlines over the last few days for its decision to revoke Yvette Cormier’s membership after she complained about the presence of a male in the female dressing room, who “sincerely identifies" as a female. The confused male prefers to be identified as Carlotta Sklodowska and reportedly only used the dressing room to hang up a coat and purse. Cormier was immediately taken aback by Sklodowska’s hulking presence which immediately identified him as, in fact, male.

Though chromosomes refuse to yield to the power of Obama’s edict, they are, none-the-less transformed by the voodoo of redefinition. What once existed as perversion is now ushered into the realm of common experience by the benevolent power of liberal politics. Benevolent, however, if you’re on the side of “fundamental transformation.” The old school marxists used to call this “revolution.” But, if you stand in opposition to the forces of “social justice,” meaning the destruction of the civil society and the Christian principles on which it is based, then you are subject to coercion by radical elements sponsored by and working in concert with an administration bent on dissolving the foundations of free enterprise and our constitutional republic.

Planet Fitness is just another soldier in the war on the civil society—our uniquely American character that is steeped in Christian doctrines and tradition. The civil society makes possible and sustains our form of constitutional republic. Without it, we are mere brutes insensate to the delicate balance of discipline and restraint fundamental to liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) movement is merely a tool for those obsessed with political power and its distillation in a despotic, centralized, and ubiquitous government. Despots must first subjugate the mind and corrupt the soul in order to smother the celestial concept of inalienable rights. People who know that they are made in the image of God and are, therefore, by natural right free, will not suffer the indignity of tyranny.


The real war is always for the mind. It is the ancient struggle between good an evil, truth and falsehood. In reality, the LGBT movement preys on people with a distorted self image and reinforces deviancy by peer pressure and habituation. It is a political movement that embrutalizes men and women as they struggle with passions inflamed by predisposition, habit, or experience. The Democrat Party feeds on the misery of members enslaved to the degradation of the LGBT lifestyle and apes the part of savior while concealing the waiting abyss. Ironically, many in the LGBT community argue against choice by citing their own misery and positing that such a lifestyle inures to them so much pain that no rational person would possibly choose it. However, substance abusers and career criminals routinely engage in self-destructive behavior which is self-evidently a matter of choice. And, as Dr. Ben Carson has stated, if homosexuality isn’t a choice then why do so many straight men enter prison only to emerge as homosexuals? As a movement, the LGBT community is just as absurd and perverse as the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) and equally as predatory. Places like Planet Fitness and the policies of gender politics make our children spectators in a bizarre cavalcade of sexual deviancy. How can politicians claim to care deeply for our nation’s children when their policies of license turn gym locker rooms into drag queen rathskellers with members of the opposite sex parading in unabashed lewdness? Though the Planet Fitness incident did not involve nudity or the presence of minors, this kind of politically correct policy is destined to do so. Consider the horror of confusion perpetrated on a minor when confronted with an anatomical male in a female bathroom. In any other circumstance, this would be considered a felonious act of sexual misconduct. But, merely because a Democrat constituency is involved, we are expected to remain mute in the face of this vile abuse.


The Planet Fitness incident is a microcosm of liberal politics. It is so easy to see if you can manage to push through the fog of feather boa propaganda. For example, Planet Fitness claims to be a judgement free zone just as liberals claim to be nonjudgmental and concerned with freedom, economic equality, and civil liberties. But, just as Planet Fitness passes the most despotic form of judgment on a member who objects to their radical policy, so does liberalism mercilessly seek to destroy those who object to their radical agenda. And, despite espousing utopian objectives, liberalism only delivers oppression. For the sake of radical doctrine, Mrs. Cormier was treated as a degenerate and expelled from the Planet Fitness community. In its constant battle with Christian principles, liberalism stigmatizes dissenting voices with the hope that others will be bullied into silence. It’s not that liberals command a vast conspiracy, it’s that liberalism is just a retread of a very old paradigm. It’s the dusty “religion is the opiate of the masses” politics whose moldy corpse liberals are manic to resurrect. It’s the key to their wildest fantasies of unbridled licentiousness. This is the sacred heart of liberalism—the ascendency of man and his sexual fantasy to the throne of deity.

But, despite incessant political pressure, Hollywood propagandization on a scale that would make Joseph Goebbels envious, and clinically sanctioned acts of self-mutilation, gender remains unchanged. Self-mutilation doesn’t reassign gender just as Michael Jackson’s skin bleaching treatments failed to make him caucasian. Nor were eunuchs regarded as female even though their genitalia had been brutally severed. Female victims of Islamist genital mutilations are still regarded as female despite the horrific barbarity inflicted on them.


What must be understood is that Planet Fitness is a representation of the liberal delusion—it’s the oldest lie known, that there can be license and liberty. Natural law does not bend to man’s whim. Barack Obama wants you to think that he can change a leopard’s spots with just his pen and his phone. However, God says something remarkable on this topic and in this context, “Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots? then may ye also do good, that are accustomed to do evil.” (Jeremiah 13:23) If Planet Fitness is to be an example, then should not a caucasian who “sincerely identifies” as a minority be treated as such with regard to protected class status? Maybe, Elizabeth Warren is really onto something with her ethnicity by delusional declaration?

But, a leopard can’t change his spots, nor can an Ethiopian change his skin. And, those that are accustomed, or habituated, to do evil are incapable of doing good; conscience has been seared. For their arrogance and distain for the sensibilities of women, Planet Fitness should hear women’s outrage in the deafening silence of desertion. Our duty is to our children, to defend them from the depredations of the perverse and from victimization by an unscrupulous political party.

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