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Tokyo Rose, Hanoi Jane, and David Masciotra

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Liberalism, socialism, progressivism, and communism, are all synonyms. Historically, these terms denoted very different political ideologies. However, with the advent of the modern Democrat party and through its head, Barack Hussein Obama, all distinctions have been subsumed under a homogenous collectivist ideology. It is profoundly anti-free enterprise, profoundly anti-American.


As Solomon once said, there is nothing new under the sun and pedantic collectivists still employ the same tiered rhetoric as their intellectual forbearers. David Masciotra, last Sunday, penned a political screed in the left wing rag Salon, entitled “You don’t protect my freedom: Our childish insistence on calling soldiers heroes deadens real democracy.”In his mundane recitation of Maoist talking points, he attempts to disabuse Americans of the notions of patriotism and exceptionalism. The vehicle he uses for this thinly veiled subversive assault is the American military and law enforcement. These are perennial favorites of the agitating left because any attack on these institutions strikes at the heart of American power and influence, something that Marxists have been undermining overtly and covertly since their revolution was spawned from the womb of a secular beast.

Masciotra is a propagandist and is freed thereby from the constraints of logic or the confines of fact. He writes from the same intellectual lineage as Jane Fonda and resorts to the same kinds of silly accusations. Hanoi Jane (Fonda) called soldiers baby killers, Masciotra calls them sexual predators. Fonda’s objective was the same as Masciotra’s is today, the demoralization of the American military and the American people. But, modern leftists like Masciotra are a bit more sophisticated. The individual soldier, sailor, or airman is never directly attacked, they are presented, ultimately, as victims of the faceless and easily demonized military-industrial complex. After all, the American military is composed of the uneducated, lower middle-class, and minorities. Well, that’s what collectivists like Masciotra would like you to think.


Irony seems to be completely lost on the American Left. Collectivism, socialism, progressivism, or whatever “ism”you choose to apply is patently secular. However, Masciotra attempts to make Christ a fellow traveler in his Bolshevist diatribe by referencing Stanley Hauerwas. Apparently, Time magazine, America’s Pravda, has anointed Hauerwas, professor of divinity studies at Duke, as “America’s best theologian.”In Hauerwas’esteemed opinion, Christ was a radical pacifist. This is an exceedingly strange position for someone as elevated as “America’s best theologian.”Such a statement would lead an educated person to wonder if Hauerwas has ever read the New Testament, much less the entire Bible.

Christ was, in fact, a radical, but only in the sense that His doctrines confounded the traditions that were held by the religious leaders of His day. You might say that the Pharisees were “Israel’s best theologians.”Read the gospels for yourself, Christ held a rather dim view of the religious intelligentsia. Far from being a pacifist, Christ actually encouraged his disciples to carry arms. He counseled them to sell their garments, if necessary, to buy a sword. (Luke 22:36) In fact, when Peter attempted to cut off the High Priests’servant’s head, Christ’s response was to mildly command Peter to put away his sword. (Matthew 26:51) Another interesting point is that Christ is a coequal member of the Trinity and, as such, is the same God that prosecuted war in the Old Testament of whom David wrote, “He teacheth my hands to war, so that a bow of steel is broken by mine arms.”(Psalms 18:34) And, “The LORD is a man of war: the LORD is his name.”(Exodus 15:3)


Of course, Masciotra’s reference to Christ has nothing to do with the truth; it is only a pathetic and transparent attempt to subvert American resolve and to demoralize servicemen and women. If Christ is a pacifist, then how can any conscientious American serviceman or woman engage in acts of violence? And, that is precisely the point. Masciotra and his fellow “pinko commies”have been at this game for a long time and haven’t bothered to change the play book. The object is to thwart America’s ability to project its power in opposition to world-wide socialist and totalitarian forces.

Another favorite tool of the left is to foster and agitate social unrest. This is why Masciotra references the shooting incident in Ferguson, Missouri. Never mind the facts that support the account of the police officer—that Michael Brown was a petty thug who attacked a police officer while under the influence of marijuana. And, that several autopsy reports, including one elicited by the Department of Justice, all confirm the details of the incident as related by law enforcement. Again, the truth and facts are of no consequence. The objective is to promote social unrest directed at the current government so that the weak minded may be influenced into believing that the “benevolent" and centralized collective is the only power capable of delivering an amorphous “justice.”The assertion is absurd on its face, that’s why people like Masciotra always resort to characterization and subterfuge most often perpetrated as race baiting.


There is humor in Masciotra’s Salon piece. He suggests that the same federalized health care that has resulted in the deaths of hundreds if not thousands of veterans at the hands of the Veterans Administration should be extended to the rest of America. This must be a botched attempt at humor, since the example of the Veterans Administration and its socialized health care model is such an obvious disaster. Sure, let’s universalize inefficiency, rationing of services, and incompetence. Masciotra must be doctrinaire to the point of blindness and intellectual moribundity.

The American military tradition is noble. Our marital heritage traces its roots back to the American revolution, which was characterized by the enlistment of citizen-soldiers in the eternal cause of liberty. Today, our military is engaged in actions that never result in colonialism. Though the left asserts ad nauseam that our foreign policy is imperialist. Where, then, are the subjugated peoples? Where, then, is plunder? What oil fields are under American military control, funneling millions of barrels of oil? The assertions are nonsense. But, that is the nature of propaganda. Hitler famously said that if you tell a big enough lie often enough, people will believe it. Well, Masciotra is a big-time liar just like his philosophical progenitors, Barack Obama, Hugo Chavez, Castro, Mao, Stalin, and Adolph Hitler.


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